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Jan. 23rd, 2017 07:33 pm
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9759 / 75000 words. 13% done!

It was totally more than that; I rewrote an entire scene and tweaked another one, but I was mostly replacing words rather than adding new ones, so it is HUGELY not worth my time and effort to figure out how many words I actually changed. It is worth my time and effort to know that there are 1668 words in the Scrivener draft and that doesn't include the epigraph, tags, other front matter, or the very drafty beginning of the fourth scene.

(wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. oh my god none of this is getting anything done for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm. but: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. also these kids have the weirdest pillow talk, oh my god.)


Jan. 24th, 2017 09:01 am
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So my recipient for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm  has such a great letter that I think I'll be writing them more than one treat. The only other time I did an exchange I was assigned my NoTP because it was completely random and it was like pulling teeth. (I loathe pairings where the girl is all HELL NO and people refuse to take her word for it. :/) I think I'll just write treats instead of committing to more low pressure exchanges like [community profile] maythe4thbewithyou  (which has signups open now!) because I should really clear my backlog of projects first, but I just wanted to share about being happy I tried an exchange again. :D

Also, feel free to comment more on the meme entry. Sorry replies were delayed- was out playing in the snow on the weekend and then LJ kept crashing my internet every time I tried to comment (either on my entry or other's). I cleared my Chrome cache and it seems to have resolved the issue for now. :)

January Talking Meme #5

Jan. 23rd, 2017 06:32 pm
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[personal profile] musesfool asked: What fandoms do you miss?

I miss great universes and fannish zeitgeist. The heydays of SGA and Due South were great for that. On a much smaller scale, so was Slings & Arrows. I also miss the earliest years of Smallville, because it taught me so much about how fandom works and what you could build with legacy characters and a little imagination. And I miss the DCU -- as it was 2003-2004 -- so very much. I LOVE those characters and I love the fic and art of that era of fandom. I can happily go back and reread my old DCU (and interestingly, S&A) fic with minimal cringing, while I have trouble with all my other fandoms.

And, meanwhile, right now Harry Potter fic is my go-to comfort reading, of all things. I love the 'verse and how interpretations of it have grown over time.

I wish I could read MCU/616 fic, but there's very little of it that speaks to me. Exceptions are mostly Natasha-centric, usually gen, and very plotty. Actually, I want all the Natasha action/adventure fic ever. That would rock.


Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:50 pm
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Posted by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Thirteen years ago, I sat down at an enormous computer in our dining room (we kept it there so we could supervise the kids internet access) with an HTML cheat sheet ( <oldschool>) and sat there for hours trying to figure out how to get a blog post up.  Ken had set the whole thing up as a gift, and I was determined to get the hang of it. It took hours. Hours and hours, and there wasn’t even a picture.

This afternoon, I sat down at a tiny laptop in an airport lounge to write to you for what is the 2337th time (that is the actual number) and it’s taking a long time, but mostly because this day always makes me feel sappy and sentimental and grateful and that’s so much to put into words.  A very great deal has changed over the last 13 years – through all of it, no matter how weird it’s gotten, you’ve been a constant. You know that we call you The Blog. I’ve written about that before – how we’ll say “oh, have you told The Blog” or “What did The Blog say?” or even “I can’t wait to tell The Blog about this.” You are a constant presence in our lives, a large and undefined mass that influences and encourages me and this family. When I started doing this, our children were young, young enough that I decided what their internet presence would be, what i would tell you about them, when I would tell it. I sat down at this computer often with a story or an idea in mind, something that had happened inside our family or our home, and I’d type the whole thing up, and then hover my finger over the “post” button as I re-read it, imagining myself as my child, years down the road, reading their follies laid out. Would they want it there? Would they want it shared with the world? I deleted whole entries some days. Ones that were finished with (incriminating) pictures and opinions and maternal grief or strife. Just typed them up, realized that the fight I had with my teenager – or whatever, that while we all fight with our teenagers and it’s normal and lonely and horrible, but didn’t need to be anywhere near the internet, no matter how ridiculous it had been and then posted something about socks instead.

Back then, I was the final arbiter of how much our family’s face was public, and I hope I got it right. I think I did, because there are still conversations about interacting with The Blog, and what we’ll share with The Blog and nobody’s ever demanded that I take down a post. (Not even when they were completely demented teenagers and demanded just about everything else.) Instead, you all remain welcome in our lives and in our family and one of the most lovely conversations I’ve ever had in my life was when Megan professed that she couldn’t wait for The Blog to find out that she was expecting and I was going to be a grandmother. Now that you’ve been around so long, we all think of The Blog.

All of that has been remarkable, and fantastic, and epic – the part of you that is always here, inside what Joe cheerfully refers to as “The Interknit”, but there is another side to The Blog that I don’t know you all realize. The Blog sometimes happens (as my young friend likes to say) IN REAL LIFE.  It happened this weekend, as I skiied down the bottom of a mountain in Alberta, and heard my name called from behind, and lo- a friendly knitter bore down on me. (Hi Kim!)  It happened last night at a concert in Calgary, when we walked up to someone who worked there, and she was all “Stephanie? Joe?” (Hi Jocelyn!) It has happened in airports, at baseball games, in restaurants, and while it’s occasionally surprising, it’s always amazing.

I hope that you all feel what I do when you come to this page. A sense of camaraderie, of belonging, a sense of community that is reassuring and normalizing, a place where the ethics and values that we hold dear – that making things is important, that creation is human, that love can be contained and transferred in handmade things, that knitting and creating and transforming are important parts of who we are… all those things are vital.  I feel them and I feel like you do and I feel less lonely because you are here. I feel better because you are also IN REAL LIFE, and I love it when the things we do and make ripples outside of our little Interknit.

This last weekend, knitting played a very visible role in the March for Women – and someone said to me that it was amazing to see how important knitters were in it. That the hats they knit were visible – obvious. There weren’t three of them, there were hundreds of thousands of hats and they were in every shot and no matter what your political stripe, I find it hard to believe that any knitter can look at those pictures, with all those hats (it was so many) and not feel a pang of knitterly pride.  It is our community – it is the thing that we all feel, writ large for the world to see. Someone told me that, and then she added “for once” like it was the first time that our community could make a change like that.

I didn’t say anything, because she was having an awesome moment, but I want you to know that I didn’t believe her for a moment that “for once” applied.  She must have not seen what you guys did for Knitters without Borders. She must have not been here to see how amazing that was. She must have not seen what you’ve done for the Bike Rally. Maybe she wasn’t here last year when so many of you donated $12 dollars for my 12th anniversary – a dollar for every year of The Blog.  (If you wanted to go for $13 this year, the link is here. It was loads of fun to watch PWA try to figure out the significance of $12 and I think that $13 is even weirder.) I know that the hat thing was big, and it was amazing, and I was impressed but I want you to know that I’ve known this about you for a long time. You’ve shown it to me so many times over the last 13 years.

You are amazing. You matter. You make a difference in my life, and in the world around you. You are an important person, and you are legion.

Thank you for every moment of the last 13 years. Thank you for the comments you leave, thank you for the mail you send me. Thank you for sending me tiny sock garland, or bitty hats knit for my Christmas tree. Thank you for calling out to me on the ski slopes, thank you for greeting me warmly in a city that’s not my own. Thank you for grieving with our family when things have been bad, and for celebrating with us when things are beautiful. Thanks for bringing me an apple or a beer when I’m on the road. Thank you for knowing who Tupper was. Thank you for wanting to show me who your Tupper was. Thanks for wondering if I’ll ever finish the gansey. Thanks for caring about my kids, for saying hi to them in person when you see them. It connects them with a bigger world that we all need reminding is there.

In short, thank you for everything, and I can’t wait for the next thirteen.

I love you Blog. Happy Blogiversary.

A small snag

Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:53 pm
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I have just discovered a bunch of "Worldbuilding: ..." tags which had somehow ended up defined as character tags.

I tried to remove these from the Characters section of the tag set to move to them to Relationships. However, because by this point AO3 already knew about those tags, and that they were very definitely character tags, they have all gained a " - Relationship" modifier to make them unique. This is potentially confusing at best. I am going to be coming up with slight renamings as a workaround, so please don't worry about your tags suddenly seeming to shift around slightly.

Some of these tags were for some flavour of Pokemon, and only disambiguated with "(Pokemon)". I failed to spot that when I was approving them and now they have lost their link to their fandom; I am half-guessing, half-remembering that they were for video games rather than anime but if you spot a slight variant on your tag has ended up in a fandom that wasn't what you intended, please say and I will put it in the right place.

ETA: All done. Please check that I haven't scrambled the intended meanings of your tags too badly. I am happy to make further changes but unfortunately they can't go back to exactly what they were. (NB I finally decided that Anthonius and Paulinus were character tags all along).

[ SECRET POST #3674 ]

Jan. 23rd, 2017 06:40 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3673 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Jan. 23rd, 2017 05:19 pm
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I posted about an annoying thing under f-lock, so to get myself feeling better, here's a couple of more positive things:

1) I went on a mad cleaning binge on December 31, and Jan 1 & 2 , and the house is still clean! It's helped that I scrounged and bought large baskets and other containers and put them into the rooms that collect clutter, and made them the Clutter Collection Bins: things that we'd normally just let sit around messing up the place, or things that need to stay out because one of us is returning to continue a project or whatnot go into the bins instead.

2) Toby continues to be hilarious at Fallout 4. Last night he took on dozens and dozens and DOZENS of synth troopers armed with only power armor and a knife. The PS4 almost died under the load of rendering all the bodies. I have a crappy phone video of two minutes of the fight, and we'll be pulling the 15 minutes that he managed to grab off the PS4 tonight and hopefully uploading it. How does this fight happen? Well, if you go into the Institute and lay waste to it, turns out the game really really doesn't want you to leave and so spawns wave after wave of synth troopers in an effort to try and stop you.

In which I make a tactical error

Jan. 23rd, 2017 02:11 pm
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I am in that fugue state where you have had so little sleep for the past however many days (in my case, since Thursday) that everything seems kind of trippy and weird, and people talk to you and you have no idea what they're saying, and your body aches and you're exhausted yet you can't, paradoxically, sleep.

All of this brought to me by puppies. If I ever try to sign up to foster a puppy litter again, shoot me. Just put me down before I even get close. I am numb with exhaustion, and I keep trying to find time to just write or do something other than clean up shit and pee, but it never happens. A lot of it is because the mama is not housetrained, and she will use potty pads but she misses more often than not, or tries to poop in strange places like she's upset and doesn't know what else to do. Always at the wee hours of the morning, too, and then first thing when I get up I'm cleaning poo off the little kiddie pool the puppies reside in, and I'm cleaning up her poo and puddles of pee, and oh my god, it hasn't been a week and already I am at the end of my rope. The laundry is never ending, because they pee and poop on the blankets of course, they're babies, and now that they're eating mush they are pooping real poo.

And then they're super cute and mouth on my fingers and lick my arms and hands and get all excited when they hear my voice and I'm like "oooooo" and almost all is forgiven. Mama will go outside during the day, but she has to eat pretty much all day long to nurse the pups so she poops constantly and that means at night, when I can't take her out all the time--or at least, I take her out at night, but she often just wanders around and doesn't do anything--I end up having to clean it up, and let me tell you, for a tiny, skinny, undernourished little 10 pound doggo, she poops for a dog about six times her size. And of course, there is, to me, no worse smell in the world than dog crap.

The babies also seem to love being active at night, and they whine and wail because Mum has taken to hanging out in her crate away from them as she gets closer to weaning, and they're like "whyyyyy have you forsaken us?" So far one of them--I think it's Kara Danvers, or it could be Winn Schott--has escaped the pool and I've had to go rescue them, you'd have thought they were being murdered. And Blues is hostile, of course, to Mum and so she's in a constant state of terror about coming out to the living room or office and she's already super, super timid and afraid, but when he's gone after her there hasn't been any contact though from the screaming you'd have thought he had cut her throat. I am just stressed the fuck out.

[profile] blackbird777 came down on Saturday and actually stayed with them all for an hour so I could go out and run some errands. It's tough to be away for long, what with all the problems and the fucking drama. Tomorrow I'll probably have to move them into a pen, which will be harder for the mother to get into and out of, meaning I'll have to be standing by a lot more. Ugh.

They are cute as hell and funny and their personalities are coming out, but wow, is this killing me. I'm trying to post at least a pic a day, if not video, on Tumblr and Instagram. Hopefully if I'm ever stupid enough to try this again, I'll look at my feed and remember this.
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When fandom fails to deliver, sometimes there's no option but to do it yourself. So here's the Elisabeth das Musical*/Discworld Death crossover that apparently no-one else felt the need for.

Beyond the Veil
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elisabeth - Levay/Kunze, Discworld
Rating: General Audiences, CNTW
Summary: The Empress Elisabeth was dead and Death had come to claim her. But he wasn't quite the anthropomorphic personification that she had been expecting.

For those not familiar with the musical the other Death looks more or less like this. The major costume constant between different productions appears to be copious eyeliner.

*Another musical that has inexplicably failed to make it to the London stage.

Killjoys season one 1 to 5

Jan. 23rd, 2017 10:37 pm
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I sat down and watched the whole of disc one of season one of Killjoys, five episodes in a row.
And while I did that I did the monday cleaning, because that's just fill laundry empty laundry change program repeat, or dishwasher same. But that made it a very accomplished day, so I win.

... I win with a headache. That feels like too much staring. Maybe my glasses are not quite right? I barely wear them for reading anymore cause they feel odd, but I need them for the TV.

ANYway. Killjoys.

I like it. I don't love it and I only vaguely like the characters so far. Gender is only balanced if you count Lucy the ship. And it does that thing where a woman needs an excuse to be kickarse.

But it's having fun with worldbuilding, there's a bunch of female characters being politicians and so forth, and there's lots of running around shooting things or having horrible things happen to them yet enduring.

It's a bit dark really, it keeps making me ponder what I'd rather be watching instead, with less internal organs showing.

And yet I watched the whole disc in a row, and have only stopped because feeling a bit blergh.

Oh, also? Picture quality as it should be, so it's just Agent Carter discs being wrong.

And the subtitles are excellent, they're the very rare sort that care about where on the screen they are and tell you who is speaking by where they're put. They're a joy to watch. Ten out of ten, would employ whoever did these to resub everything else.

... I get frustrated when this is a thing that can be done, yet subs get thrown on as an afterthought, if we're lucky.

But for true, these are the good stuff.

Maybe I want to watch something where political marriages and trade deals save the day. I don't know, seems like I'd have to go out of genre for that.

But this was good to watch.

Just very biological quite often.

RWBY 4.10 Kuroyuri

Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:00 am
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Episode 4.10

Youtube (coming soon)
Crunchyroll (coming soon)
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Episode 4.09.5
World of Remnant: The Great War

Youtube (coming soon)
Crunchyroll (coming soon)

Chapter Fourteen: Uncommon Boy

Jan. 23rd, 2017 05:22 pm
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In which Ben and Yana have a talk.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: Trigger warning for discussion of past child abuse.

Is everything all right? )

Sniffles, and an HP Theory

Jan. 23rd, 2017 02:13 pm
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So the baby's bronchial ailment? Yeah, every single one of the rest of us came down sick a few days later, and I'm still getting over it. Writing, not happening. I'll try to get something out soon, though.

In the meanwhile, I've realized something rather alarming re: the Harry at the Dursleys mess, prompted by the Scamander movie and a rewatch of all the HP films, that's a little harder to refute than many past 'Dumbledore is malignant, not misguided' ideas I've come across. I really don't think JKR always thinks the implications of the story threads she puts out there through ....

Contains Spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them... )


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November 2014




The collected poems from my descent into madness year spent writing daily poems are now available from Lulu as the cheapest 330-page book they would let me make ($16.20). If that's too pricey, you can also get it from Lulu as a free download, or just click on the "a poem every day" tag to read them here. But if you did buy one, that'd be awesome.

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