More Elementary

Oct. 23rd, 2014 04:48 pm
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It's interesting to compare Elementary and Sherlock; they are both good, but both quite different. Sherlock is basically AU fanfic set in the modern day; that is, it takes the characters and the plots and translates them into a universe where they take place in the modern day; some of the plots closer than others, but the characters very close to the spirit of the original; not just Holmes and Watson, but Le Strade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, Moriarty, Irene Adler...
Elementary, by contrast, is much more of an "inspired by"; it takes the original concept of a brilliant observant detective and his doctor sidekick, and runs with it into uncharted territory. In that way, it's much more of its own show, and needs to be judged on its own merits, not on its merits as Sherlock Holmes fanfic. That makes the two shows quite different beasties.

I've now seen six episodes of Elementary, and am still enjoying it: intriguing mysteries mixed well with good characterisation; I love how both Watson and Holmes make insightful observations about the other, observations that can be painful in their accuracy. As I said, good characterisation.
Alas (alas?) now that I've seen six episodes and sat back and thought a little, it has happened: I have discerned patterns in the plots, and thus they may well end up becoming more predictable.
spoilers will be MURDERED )
Still, I don't think that will prevent me from enjoying it.

Wednesday Reading

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:22 pm
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What are you currently reading?
Still reading the Levi backstory, Kuinaki Sentaku. I'm about halfway through the second (and final? I don't think it's ongoing) volume. I'm...enjoying it less than I thought it would? I mean, it's okay, but I just feel like it's not really doing anything. I had planned to read Before the Fall as well, but I wonder if the reason it feels like there's not much there is that Isayama didn't write it and so they can't really dig into anything interesting. If that's the case, Before the Fall will probably be the same...

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished reading the main story of SnK up through the most recent chapter and DAMN THIS IS GETTING SO GOOD.

What do you think you'll read next?
As I mentioned the other day, Irene's rewatch of Akira had me wanting to check out the manga, so I might read that next! Although last time I checked, my phone was pretty full, so I'm not sure that I've read and deleted enough stuff that was on there to have space... ^_^;; I should probably read more of what's already on there.

Saw Elise; the cat is doing better

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:00 pm
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I had talked to [personal profile] elisem on Monday about getting together again today, and last night she proposed that we both go visit Soren, as we had on Monday. He said "any time after noon," though I was skeptical after getting an email from him this morning that he had sent at 3:30 a.m. Nonetheless, I took the bus up to his neighborhood, had clams at Ivar's, and then walked over to his apartment. No answer; since the doorbell is hooked up to the phone, I left a message. Then I heard from Elise; Soren had told her "not feeling well, give me an hour" more than an hour earlier. She was worried, and a neighbor let me into the building, so I went up and knocked, loudly. Soren was sleepy and not up for company, but there was nothing seriously wrong, so I got back on the bus and met Elise in Fremont. We hung out a while in a burger restaurant while she had lunch and I drank iced tea, then walked for a bit, back to where she is staying. There was good conversation, again much of it about Velma ([personal profile] roadnotes.

Also, I posted about Velma's death and notifying people on the "I need a hug" section of the Friends of Captain Awkward site, using real names in the post because it was easier than inventing pseudonyms. I got a PM this morning from someone who knew Velma from a fountain pen forum, asking "I hope not, but is that the same Velma?" I've also gotten a Faceboorequest for Soren's email address from someone who says he's an old friend of theirs—I replied and asked him for a non-Facebook address Soren can reach him at—and a very ill-timed FB friend request on Sunday from an ex of hers, which I hope is coincidence rather than some sort of vulturine response to the bad news.

Meanwhile, our cat [ profile] julian_tiger has gotten very good at not taking pills, and had almost no appetite yesterday. (He was trying, but after a few nibbles of chicken sausage he had that "I want to be hungry for that" look.) This morning I tried him on bell pepper (again, he ate a little and clearly wanted to be hungry for more) and then plain yogurt. He was happy to lick some off my finger, then licked the bowl, so I gave him another tablespoonful. Then, on a hunch, I offered him some peach jam. Happy cat! He asked for seconds, and thirds, and fourths.

I found clementines at the supermarket this morning, and he was happy to help me with one. OK, he wants soft/moist things, and we're back in "orange food for orange cats." I bought salmon and a sweet potato for dinner. He was very happy to help us with them, in larger quantities than we would normally give him, which is a relief, because the vet confirmed that he can't live on just yogurt and fruit, he needs protein. Rationally, "orange food for orange cats" is as silly a basis for a menu as basing it on blood type, but everything there except maybe the peach jam is something I already knew he liked. We are much more optimistic than we were 24 hours ago, and I have at least enough cooked fish left to give him healthy treats tomorrow.

la la la...

Oct. 23rd, 2014 05:01 pm
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Having visitors this weekend, but taking a break from cleaning to say:

- Flat 3 is a New Zealand webseries about three women flatting together in Auckland. Funny, well-scripted and -characterised. Episodes are mostly ~7 min long.

- The Boxtrolls was beeeyewtiful.

- Kim Sam Soooooooooon!

Prompt for 2014-10-23

Oct. 23rd, 2014 11:47 am
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Today's prompt is "I will trade my life for his".
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First off, and entirely unrelated to the rest of this post: I keep hearing good things about Jane the Virgin (new domestic show), despite its horrific title. Worth checking out, Y/N?

After vaguely guessing how many manga series I'm collecting these days, I decided to go through and actually tally them up. It's slightly more than I was thinking, although I have to add the caveat that some of them come out so infrequently that it's not surprising that I don't usually remember them all.

The lists here do not include the several series I've bought a few volumes of and then stopped buying until such time as I actually read the purchased volumes to see if I want to continue. I'd estimate there are at least five of those. Maybe more. (Probably more. Maybe ten?) And then there're the couple of series I've bought in their entirety but haven't started reading yet (Sailor Moon, Saiunkoku Monogatari)...

the main list(s) under the cut, with a couple of domestic titles )

those weeks

Oct. 22nd, 2014 06:34 pm
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I feel like I should be posting more for the simple fact that I feel like I'm doing so much stuff! But then I'm too busy or tired to post so I don't and then it's the weekend again.

RL has been busy. The cats have settled in, and are doing well. Though I have to watch the kitchen counter because Tom likes to see what's up there and then see if gravity applies to it.

I'm playing in an amateur orchestra, which occupies Tuesdays. We had our fifth rehearsal last night and it's so much fun. I haven't played since high school really, so it's waking up this dormant part of my brain that's remembering how all my fingers work together.

I'm also madly working on knitting a baby sweater for a friend's newborn, and it's my first piece of clothing so there's a lot of stopping and starting as I screw up, go ask for help, then come back and redo before progressing. I'm getting close to finished but I'm gonna need more yarn.

On the writing front, I haven't been doing much. This week I'm trying to get back in the swing of finishing the Haven/Criminal Minds crossover but it's slow going, though I have pushed through the part I was stuck on. Small triumphs, right? Part of it is that by the time I'm home alone it's been 11 pm and I'm exhausted and my brain does not want to do any more heavy lifting.

I see people's Yuletide letters go up, and the thought of Yuletide this year is exhausting too. I love seeing people's posts, but I won't be participating this year.

My boyfriend and I are watching Miss Fisher season 2, which is delightfully charming, but that's pretty much the only television I've been watching now that I've caught up on Person of Interest (except for the most recent episodes). Sometimes I think of all the things I want to watch and read and everything and despair of ever doing it all. (I have to tell myself that I just can't, and that's okay.)

Books: Reisman and Link

Oct. 22nd, 2014 07:44 pm
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Jessica Reisman – The Z Radiant

Sept 2013

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A treat of a character-driven planetary SF novel, with an intensely flavorful sense of place. I liked this a ton. I borrowed it from the library last year, and just bought the ebook for a re-read. You can read the first chapter here.

I’m pretty sure I found this via a recommendation from Martha Wells.

The plot is solid — revenge, human experimentation, psychic powers, family secrets, and a once-a-generation planetary trade festival for the backdrop — but the characters and their relationships and the setting and the feel of it all were what made the book for me. I liked life on Nentesh; it had a lovely and comfortable rhythm to it. You’ll see what I mean by the end of that first chapter — I love that sequence of Aren’s motorbike errand in the rain, his dazed arrival at Juven’s house, Juven helping him to bed in the quiet after the card game; such a perfect read for the start of a Northwest winter.

The language is good. Reisman has a deft touch with smell and texture, which is always nice. Occasional bouts of infodump, but not enough to rankle.

A bunch of the characters are bi or of ambiguous sexuality, which I appreciate. And I have a thought about this, but it isn’t fully baked yet. So, I’ve spent a bunch of time reading Dykes to Watch Out For and Bitter Girl, both of which are long-running cast-of-dozens comic strip soap operas populated almost entirely by lesbians, and I noticed something hard to pin down about them. My vague theory that when everyone in the core cast is (at least theoretically) fair game for any other member of the core cast, it fundamentally changes the function of romance and sex in the story. Changes it into something I think I like better. And getting a bunch of bisexuals into the mix moves a story closer to that. I can’t quite tell you HOW things change, but I did warn you this was half-baked.

Finally: I spend a lot of time thinking about Ninuel’s awesome psychic-construct dog whenever I remember this book.

Finally finally: Sir. THAT COVER. Not the ebook cover! That one’s fine. It’s a bit amateurish, but not risible; no real need to rag on it. But the original hardback is TRULY NEXT-LEVEL. I mean oh my god. Friends, I carried that around in public for a week.

(Unnecessary sidebar: I had never heard of the original publisher, Five Star, so I looked into them and was fascinated by their weird ecological niche. It looks — FROM WHAT I CAN TELL — like they publish high build-quality hardback fiction and then don’t even try to sell into trade bookstores, focusing totally on the library market. Is that even possible? Like, can you sustain an SF small press like that??? Well, apparently! Who knew. This thread at Absolute Write was enlightening; see especially Keltora’s reply about halfway down.)

Kelly Link – Pretty Monsters

Oct 7, 2014

I was stalled out in the book I was reading (Froi of the Exiles; I enjoyed Finnikin of the Rock a LOT, but just couldn’t get into this one), and wondering what I should switch to, and then Brenna tweeted about doing a Halloween re-read of Kelly Link and I was like yesssss. And it so happened that I had a stash of unread Link stories squirreled away!

Pretty Monsters has six new* stories and three reprints from Stranger Things and M4B. I’d already read “The Wizards of Perfil” and “The Wrong Grave,” and buried the other four to dig up come winter. I tend to do this with collections of short stories, and also with essays. Sometimes with chocolate, very rarely with dried fruit; I can control myself with essays, but dried fruit just tends to vanish when my attention wanders.

* (Well, uncollected. There’s only one “new” one.)

Anyway, I dunno what you want me to say about Kelly Link, dude. If you aren’t reading Kelly Link, you need to be. That’s pretty much the end of the review; the rest of this is going to be me just jamming with other people in the know.

  • I think “Wizards of Perfil” gets my vote for sleeper hit of this collection. I am like ANGRY at how many things it gets right.
  • “Constable of Abal” has very good texture in parts, but I think it flubs the ending a bit. It’s doing a similar “BUT ALL ALONG,…” twist as “Perfil,” but it’s leaning too heavily on said twist, whereas in Perfil half the point is that the twist is almost beside the point.
  • “Monster” made me laugh, but it’s definitely the kind of story you only get to do once.
  • “The Wrong Grave” is ROCK SOLID. I guess it could have used a bit of a trim at the end, but wow, that story is exactly the sort of thing you cannot get from any other writer today.
  • I’m still thinking about “Pretty Monsters.” Isaac thinks the meta-ness of the structure didn’t stitch the parts into a satisfying whole; I might agree, but I’m not sure yet. But certainly any given section of it was GREAT just in the experience of reading it. Would it have held up better as two separate but similar stories? Maybe. Dunno yet.
  • “The Surfer” pulled zero punches and I liked it a lot. It has more worldbuilding (which I use here to mean self-consistent and systematic divergences or extrapolations from contemporary consensus reality) than almost any of her stories (see p. much only “Valley of the Girls” for other contenders), but is essentially a pure character piece, where the pleasure is in seeing the past and present revealed, and you end with a feeling of “Okay, I’ve caught up! What next?”
  • And of course, “M4B,” “The Specialist’s Hat,” and “The Faery Handbag” are exactly as superb as they were last time around. (Isaac’s take on “M4B” is similar to his take on “Pretty Monsters,” and I totally disagree; I think the nested and then de-nested meta-structure actually adds emotional and thematic heft.)

About Dragon

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:02 pm
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Okay. I'm going to start with this part: Dragon is okay and expected to make a complete recovery.

The bad news/what happened )

All of that is the bad news. There's a LOT of good news, primarily that he's expected to make a complete recovery!

the good news, or how it's going ) The neurosurgeons have cleared him; the trauma docs have cleared him; PTs have cleared him. His appetite's good; he's home finally, about four days after the accident. (To be honest, I'm so tired that days have run together. It feels like two weeks.)

So, he's crazy tough and he's doing really well, but it's been an insane four days. So now I'm home keeping an eye on him, catching up on sleep and laundry, and being grateful [personal profile] tarshaan is here. She arrived here in the middle of this and has been nothing short of a godsend. Clearly we'll go to Gatlinburg another time.

I'm really sorry to be telling y'all all this so late, but everything has been bedlam. (Okay. Most of my in-laws have been a complete and utter pain in the ass and managing them has been horrible.) Any and all good wishes and prayers are much appreciated and I apologize in advance for being late replying to things but right now, we're all sleep-deprived. But he's well and probably going to make a complete recovery and there aren't words for how grateful I am.

Twin Ties

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:34 pm
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Prowl, meet Sunstreaker. Sunstreaker, meet Prowl. Sunstreaker is an ass. Prowl freaks.

Words: 4300, Chapters: 1/4, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Sticky Situations

Updates on previous post

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:04 pm
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[personal profile] sophia_sol has posted an attempted interpretation of Oolon Colluphid Was Right! You should all go there and join the conversation so that I can continue to cackle unhelpfully in the corner.

Also, the breakaway hit from the list of bunnies in the previous post (which I am continuing to add things to, btw, as the odds of me actually winning the challenge go down....) was "Avengers Go To A Drag Ball", because apparently for some reason people think I, would, like, do it justice? ahah. ahahaha. hahahaha.

Here, for you edification, is 100% of everything I have done with that idea in the past three years, since I first came up with it (file last edited Jan 2013):

IIRC Tony's drag name was going to be Lady Natasha Touchamy, because he enjoys living dangerously. (and the Natasha is canon of course.) (Natasha's was, uh, something like Tony Tinydick? I think.)

Sweet Lie

Oct. 22nd, 2014 09:10 pm
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*Drabble* He had the power of hypnosis and the will to use it... or did he? HellbatxLeozack Mech/Mech slash; manipulation; desperation

Words: 842, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

[syndicated profile] ao3_transformers_feed

Posted by Crescent_Moon_Demon


If a new breastforce member shows up, Hellbat will be kicked out of the team! He can't let that happen! Parody of episode 'Liokaiser, Merge' Mentions of Mech/Mech slash, worshiping and excessive fangirl habits.

Words: 915, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


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The collected poems from my descent into madness year spent writing daily poems are now available from Lulu as the cheapest 330-page book they would let me make ($16.20). If that's too pricey, you can also get it from Lulu as a free download, or just click on the "a poem every day" tag to read them here. But if you did buy one, that'd be awesome.

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