The joys of planning

Jan. 31st, 2015 05:21 pm
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Further to my previous posts musing on getting stuff done and the perils of the ticky-box approach, I have realised another interesting thing, which is that I can find researching and (in particular) Planning a Thing more satisfying than the actual Doing of the Thing.

The thing with planning is that you can research and consider and analyse and generally collate lots of information into a cohesive whole, and then make a considered decision based on appropriate factors. All of which is (I find) quite satisfying. And after that you can work out what needs to happen when[0], and whether you need to acquire anything, and generally, once again, consider and analyse and collate things into a Plan. A Plan is a beautiful thing.

But then comes the actual Doing, which involves hard work (physical or mental) and finding that you forgot to allow for this, that, or the next thing; and often the Doing does not entirely match up with the Planning in outcome either[1]. (Though sometimes it does, and sometimes it is better.)

And yet, Planning without any actual Doing is (probably) (right?) eventually going to be unsatisfying.

I could use getting better at Doing.

In other news, we are (hopefully) going to get solar panels! (They should be Permitted Development but due to the specifics of our covenant we have to get permission and it is proving a little more intricate than I expected. Which, really, I should have expected.) Planning the solar panels was fun, and also takes me one step closer to finishing my Permaculture Diploma which I am now aiming to finish by July. There is, inevitably, Another Plan.

[0] If you are very lucky, there may be a Gantt Chart.

[1] I often find it difficult to start writing something, for example, because in my head it exists in a whole and, it seems, perfect form, which is necessarily going to suffer when turned into cold hard words on paper. I am trying to get better at this. Also that is the point of editing, but it is still sometimes sorrow-making to read back something I've just written and realise just how clunky it is.

asflkjasdfkasdf;ksadm OMG OMG OMG

Jan. 31st, 2015 12:22 pm
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OMG, y'all -- Festivids is live! Here's the masterlist on dw and here it is on lj.

And -- you are not going to believe this -- someone made me a Danny Oldsen vid. You know -- Peter Capaldi's character from Local Hero, my all-time favorite movie. This vid is SO ADORABLE, I cannot even. I am over the MOON with joy over here. I am abusing capslock, that's how happy this vid makes me!

The vid is here: Gift for Kass | Walk of Life.

From the instant I saw the song title I was clapping my hands over my mouth with glee. Perfect song choice, not only because it's Mark Knopfler and because it's the right era for this film but because it just works.

This vid showcases every adorkable move and ridiculous face in the young Capaldi's repertoire. (And good God, seeing him dance? the resemblance to Matt Smith's Eleven is suddenly quite staggering. bwee!)

This vid is SO FABULOUS, y'all -- if you have any love at all in your heart for Local Hero or for Peter Capaldi, go and watch this vid! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Oh, weird little comedy of our hearts, 13 episodes was not enough. But thanks to [personal profile] sdwolfpup we have a vid to ease our pain.

This is What it Feels Like

Includes excellent use of *that* scene, plus the best possible use of the dance party. Also, warning: feels.

mostly my phone is super awesome

Jan. 31st, 2015 12:16 pm
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But it does have one quirk, which is that I cannot upload photos to my LJ scapbook using it.

connor for blanket

Feb. 1st, 2015 01:05 am
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Title: Connor
Credit to: [community profile] pagans
Base style: Blanket
Type: CSS
Best resolution: 1024x768 and higher
Tested in: firefox, chrome
Features: black & white, single column, DIY background if desired, modules disabled

( installation )

Farewell From Florida

Jan. 31st, 2015 04:22 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

Hello! Just a quick reminder for everyone that for the next week or so I will be on a the Nerd Boat (i.e., the JoCo Cruise), on which a) I will be running a writing track for the amusement and edification of the seamonkeys, b) will be busy with the pleasures of various Caribbean paradises, c) will have terrible, terrible Internet connectivity in any event, so my appearances here will be pretty sparse. There will be a Big Idea on Tuesday, and I will be promoting the heck out of Midnight Star (the video game I worked on) on Thursday. Other than that, I might post a picture or two if the cruise’s terrible, terrible Internet connectivity allows it. But mostly? I’ll be on a boat, on a nice working vacation. I figure you’ll be okay with that.

Enjoy your next week! I know I will.

(P.S.: Because I’ll be on a boat with terrible, terrible Internet connectivity, I’m also trimming back commenting here for two days per article. This will close up commenting on some previous entries, obviously. When I’m back I’ll return commenting to the usual two week window.)

Kitten Kondo 2.0 update

Jan. 31st, 2015 11:56 am
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The plastering is pretty much all done and most of the walls are primed. There are even tiles in the bathroom. Next week, picking countertops and blinds for us. Floors and painting for the contractor.


We still have a move in date of Feb 15th.
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(Longtime readers will be aware that the hedjog is of the opinion that there is no such thing as a 'Real -' when applied to any group of humanity.)

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Occasional Seminar thing I rather infrequently manage to get to, and was given the following thoughts to ponder upon.

It was mentioned (though not in tones that suggested the speaker was convinced by the hypothesis) that language evolved, like the peacock's tail, as a courtship device. This might be an EvPsych explanation for mansplaining - it's actually display behaviour. (Ourselves, among the avian kingdom we prefer the crested grebe, which performs a mutual and spectacular courtship dance.)

Apparently it is also a thing for men (and some women) to claim, in the context of online women's advice forums, that All Men Look At Porn, Most of Them Every Day, because EvPsych imperative to Spread Their Seed.

We can only remark

Firstly: that Onan could have been said to have been spreading his seed, however, Doin It Rong, so not a model to emulate. (Apparently similar claims are made for male promiscuity by men who nonetheless deploy condoms.)

Secondly: we wonder how many of these men who are 'all men do this thing' are up in arms and #notallmen when women venture to suggest that all men do a thing.

Thirdly: is this in fact the case even for men who are actually making this claim, or is it the accepted wisdom that this is a thing that Teh Menz do, and even men who don't do it will excuse other men, because testosterone and primeval savanna. Am reminded of remarks made by late Victorian social purity advocate, not I think J Butler, possibly Catherine Booth, deploring the fact that men who were of the highest moral standard in their own personal lives nonetheless seemed to think that prostitution was still necessary because Male Needs.

Fourthly: a point was made from the audience about the 'men are always up for it' scenario from their work looking at forums for women who are trying to get pregnant, and the amount of performance anxiety or resistance from male partners about doing the deed on the critical day, which one would think, in terms of evolving to spread their seed, would not be a problem.

Another point raised from the audience was that, in the context of women expressing concerns about their male partners' use of porn (apart from all the exhortations to Just Get Over It Already and recognise that Men Are Like That, etc etc) that there's never any indication of what exactly kind of porn it is. One can envisage situations in which it could be extremely troubling.

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We've been showing Kas Revolutionary Girl Utena, and last night we saw eps. 32-33. Episode 33 is the last recap episode and the only one I always watch; it's both a really good clips episode, in that it's at least half new material, and annoying in that a Very Significant Thing happens in it, so you have to watch it. And that brings us up to the six-episode Apocalypse arc proper, which is everything the show's been leading up to and hinting at, and why this is still my favorite anime.

This is my second time watching with the gorgeous remastered DVDs, which is a lovely experience. far as I can tell, they didn't tweak the original sub script, and there's a constant problem in the script that goes way beyond my professional itch to go over it and do it myself* (which I'm sure isn't just me, and I imagine other people do the same thing to my work). This is well past "personally, I would have..." and into "I don't know who's responsible, but that person should be ashamed, as should every single person who let it get through" territory.

Here's the problem: Utena addresses/refers to Juri (I loathe the "Jury" spelling) as "Arisugawa-sempai"/"Sempai". The domestic release opted to ditch honorifics and westernize the forms of address--fine. (Not what I would do personally, but fine. Whatever.) So when Utena says "Arisugawa-sempai", the script says "Miss Arisugawa".

And then when she says "Sempai", the script says..."Jury".

It'd be one thing if it were a one-off mistake. But no. The entire show does this. (It may not be literally every time, but it's certainly the case most of the time.) In what possible world could this be seen as a good idea? WHO APPROVED THIS? I rewatch Utena every few years--see also, favorite anime!--and every time, I'm forced to remember that someone thought this was a good idea and no one else said "FUCK NO", which IMO is the only appropriate reaction.

footnotes under the cut )

Two Headers for Fred

Jan. 31st, 2015 04:15 pm
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[ profile] fredbassett asked if I could create a new journal header for her incorporating Ryan, Stephen, Athos and Treville and something in the style of the Musketeers title sequence.

I've done my best. Here are two for consideration. The difference between them is that the characters' colours are more washed out and then blended with the background colours in one, while the characters are brighter and more "pop-out" in the other.

I hope one will serve! I can make changes like adding borders and such-like if it will work better with your layout!!

(no subject)

Jan. 31st, 2015 10:49 am
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I'm on day two of this headache. Naproxen knocked it back yesterday, but only just, and that only lasted about eight hours instead of the advertised twelve. I did try Amerge, too, on the theory that this is probably a menstrual migraine, but it did nothing at all. Right now, I'm waiting the requisite half an hour after taking omemprozale before eating and taking more naproxen.

Scott's alarm didn't go off, so he woke up forty minutes after he should have been at work. I don't know how much trouble he's in for that. (His alarm did go off at 5:00, when he normally gets up for work. He must have misset it.) He called to let them know he was coming and got himself out the door as fast as he could. He's not clear on why they didn't call when he didn't show up.

Scott did the grocery shopping this morning, but I'm going to have to send him back to the store this afternoon because I forgot to put coffee on the list-- I've got one spoonful of my mix left, and I need five spoonfuls to fill my mug tomorrow morning. I'd substitute Coca-Cola, but Scott didn't buy any this week because he wants to try switching to caffeinated tea with honey (his father gave him a diet book that he insisted Scott read that claims that eating honey makes one burn more fat. Right). We do have a few different caffeinated teas that I could try tomorrow morning, but I'd really rather have my coffee.

Cordelia is reading more. She's been coming up with new books to put holds on at the library; I'm not sure from where (maybe GoodReads? I don't know). She just finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer last night and has put a hold on the next book in the series. She's probably started reading Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. I didn't tell her that both books have been on my list of things to try for a couple of years now. She did say that she didn't think I'd like Cinder, but I don't know why she thinks that except that she doesn't want me to like the same books she likes.

I was awakened this morning by a robocall from a local carpet cleaning business. It was a little after 10:00, so not horrifically early, but still-- What do they expect to gain from calling people on a Saturday morning?

That cut on my little finger that I got several days ago still needs a bandaid. I was going to try the night without one last night, but when I took off the old one, the cut started bleeding a bit. I see bandaids in my future for a while yet. It'll make tomorrow's shower interesting.
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Buyers of Used Cars Are Left to Find Recalls on Their Own
Buying a used car in the United States can be a dangerous proposition — if the vehicle has an unadvertised safety defect.

This month, Carlos Solis died after the airbag in a used car he bought last year from a Texas dealer exploded, sending a piece of metal into his neck. Mr. Solis, 35, was not aware when he bought the vehicle that its airbags could be defective and had been recalled, according to a lawsuit filed by his family on Friday.

A New York Times review of other vehicles listed online by the dealer, All Stars Auto Sales in Cypress, Tex., shows that close to half of those cars have also been recalled for safety defects but have not been repaired.

The Texas dealer is not an exception. Federal laws do not require used-car dealers to repair vehicles with safety defects before putting the cars back into public use. Nor are dealers required by law to disclose to customers that a vehicle is the subject of a recall. Legislation to address the issue has languished in Congress....

In Congress, lawmakers have introduced bills that would require used-car dealers and rental companies to fix recalled cars before they are put back into public use. But those measures, which auto dealers oppose, have stalled. Most major rental companies, though, now say that they voluntarily fix recalled vehicles.

Used-car dealers contend that not all recalls require immediate attention and new laws would cost companies and consumers unnecessary time and expense.
Obviously, not everyone who buys a used, rather than new, car is poor, but certainly we can safely guess that used car purchasers are disproportionately poor, as compared to new car purchasers.


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