Adventures in Baking, 2

Dec. 22nd, 2014 08:12 pm
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:(  I can't see any way to load pictures directly here; they seem to need to be on the internet first. Is that true? If not, can someone give me a tip about photo loading?

Meanwhile, if anyone is mildly interested to see actual photographs of our first ever gingerbread house, I've loaded them on my LJ journal.  It's very... ummm.... well, we had fun decorating, anyway.

Poem: "Lines of Math and Verse"

Dec. 22nd, 2014 03:51 am
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This poem came out of the May 6, 2014 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] aoifes_isle and LJ user Laffingkat. It also fills the "artistic endeavor" square in my 3-6-14 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette.

"Lines of Math and Verse"

It's an artistic endeavor
to seek out the place
where the lines of
math and verse
cross each other.

Math begins with numbers
and shapes, flows into form,
adds letters and solves equations
until nothing remains except
the soft repetition of solution.

Poetry begins with words,
rhythm and rhyme and inference,
shifts into the subtle patterns
of stressed and unstressed syllables,
meaning derived from implication
become numbers of beats and lines.

Approaching the
wonder and beauty
of the universe
from opposite ends,

the mathematician
and the poet
meet in the middle.

Fic Rec: Fly Very High

Dec. 22nd, 2014 08:58 am
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Posted by swissmarg

Title: Fly Very High
Author: faviconyalublyutebya
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 46,533 words
Rating: Explicit
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: John Watson was born to be a racing driver, and even a crash isn't enough to keep him out of a car for long. But coming back is not that easy, especially when he meets his new teammate, Sherlock Holmes.

Reccer's comments: In the honored tradition of sports AU's, this one shines right up there with the best of them. In this incarnation, John and Sherlock are Formula 1 racers, competing both with and against each other in a high-powered season that takes them around the world.

Part of the fun of this story is the introduction to F1 racing, from the technology to the strategy to exotic venues including Melbourne, Malaysia, Monaco, Bahrain, Shanghai, Barcelona, and Sochi (where Putin is in for quite a shock!). The fic is also peppered with real people from the racing world like Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, and Lewis Hamilton, giving it an extra layer of authenticity.

The author is a self-proclaimed fan of Formula 1, and that enthusiasm comes through in the emotional investment of the characters as well as every exciting race commentary. Don't be put off, though, if you don't particularly like racing or cars; the technical stuff isn't overdone and never detracts from the insanely intense relationship between John and Sherlock as their on-track rivalry spills over into some of the hottest sex this side of Silverstone:

“Oh god,” John breathed, bowing his head.

“Please don’t get all emotional on me.”

John gave a kick of the hips in an attempt to shut him up, returning his hands to Sherlock’s wrists, their faces inches away. “You are such a dick.”

He thrust again and Sherlock’s eyelids fluttered, but he didn’t take his eyes from John.

“Such an arrogant, condescending bastard.”

“Say this to all the girls, do you?” Sherlock asked, his breath hitching as John thrust again.

“Do you ever shut up?”

“Fuck me harder and I might.”

What starts out as just a bit of fun eventually turns into something much more complicated, as these things tend to, and the path to victory is fraught with more than a few pitfalls. Reading this fic is like watching a race, in fact, from the nervous anticipation at the start to the nail-biting moments when things get shaky in the middle to the fist-pumping celebration at the finish line, complete with champagne showers.

Here is a video

Dec. 22nd, 2014 04:34 am
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of a disabled puppy running on prosthetics printed by a 3D printer:

You're welcome.

Imagine a Book Cache

Dec. 22nd, 2014 03:07 am
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 ... with any ten books or similar cultural items from history, including lost ones.  [personal profile] dialecticdreamer is offering readers a chance to make a cache in the Heliodrax world.  I've already posted mine.

2014: Who is best at us? WE WIN! \o/

Dec. 22nd, 2014 02:40 am
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[personal profile] helloladies posting in [community profile] ladybusiness
2014 has made it all too easy for us to get a little down at Lady Business HQ and forget just how much we've accomplished in our own corner of blog space. Today we're going to shake it off, beat the little hater & celebrate all the special events we've been part of and all the projects we've begun, kept going and completed this year. Read more... )
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Saturday: sleep, mostly.

Sunday: I woke up and then was slow about getting myself together to go off to the Gaymer December Shindig. I dressed up! ) The event is usually held in the church of one of the guys. It had stayed in the same location between this year and last year. I discovered a parking garage around the corner from the church, so I picked that instead of trying for street parking.

[personal profile] jd was there, and Dave, and [ profile] xlerb, and many of the usual suspects. I had brought a package for Dave and then a package for the White Elephant. I brought the Bigger Blacker Box. I brought a sack of little oranges.

The door of the church is kept locked outside of regular hours. I came in partway through an Ongoing Saga with some little old lady. Apparently earlier she had asked to come in and then cussed at people and told them they were Hitler when she was either not allowed in or shown the door. I was there when she asked to come in to eat her doughnut (and was refused). Later, she started messing with the security doors, and made them a hazard to the sidewalk, so someone had to go out to fold them back up.

[ profile] xlerb and I commiserated about our most favoritest ever helldesk software, to wit:

"Tell me you're not using $NAME."
"I'm so sorry. I wish I could."

Not only is it the $NAME he knows and loves ... knows, it's $NAME with a terrible and heavily redacted skin stuck over it, one that has no horizontal scrollbars so it becomes unusable even when wide content has tried to goatse it. (I used the little hand gestures.) Also, Beldorion was told off from the mob with torches and pitchforks for excessive vigor.

The thing about watching Dr. Who Christmas Specials on Netflix is that if you start from the same place each year, that's the same thing you'll watch. So there was the spider lady with all the eyes, and Donna, and the darling little adipose beasties, and the Doctor popping up over the side of the cube, and all was familiar and happy. I got some more loonembellishment done, and one of the existing buttons fell off. I'll have to sew it back on.

I joined in a game which had a lot of improbable beans. The politicking was hilarious.

Then there was another game, which I think was Betrayal at House on the Hill, in which Dave was the traitor and also won.

Finally there was the White Elephant (which waited for our game to finish up), which was fun. It combined White Elephant, Werewolf, and various characters from various Christmas/winter-themed things (The Grinch, Max the dog, Santa, Jack Skellington, various reindeer and elves, Elsa). Since I was wearing a tiara, I represented the 1% in the debate over who was the Grinch, in that pretty much everybody said "She's the 1%, it's probably her!" Although I did last until the final 3.

There was a surprisingly small amount of present-stealing, though it heated up at the end. I wound up with a tote bag from the Gaymer convention and a stuffed frog. It is a cute stuffed frog. Dave mentioned the origin story later.

The guy who got the chocolate shared, and there were some dramatic readings from the by-now-at-least-fourthhand book of porn. The pages did flip, and were not stuck together. There was also some kleenex in the package.

It was a lovely evening, and I think we did our part in holding back the darkness.

I gave JD a ride, and we got a chance to talk; we'll try and get together for Boxing Day.

I have a meeting tomorrow at 11am, to try and take a tour of the place we want to have the conference.

Vid Rec: Arrival of the Birds

Dec. 22nd, 2014 06:27 am
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Posted by rachelindeed

Title: Arrival of the Birds
Music Title & Artist: "Arrival of the Birds" by The Cinematic Orchestra
Vidder: amyyam on tumblr, aka Amy Kinley
Pairing or Character: Sherlock + John
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: Arrival of the Birds on vidder's tumblr page

Reccer's Comments: I am always struck by the sheer visual beauty of this vid. It is delicate and lovely. At times images of John and Sherlock are overlaid on top of each other in interesting configurations; at other times the vid glides between color and black and white, and there is just something about the light in these shots that seems to linger. The vidder juxtaposes material brilliantly (in the first few seconds we hear Mycroft ask "How many friends do you imagine he has?" while we see the wild moors and stormy skies of Baskerville, its rusty, barbed "KEEP OUT" sign juxtaposed with Sherlock's backlit face). The instrumental music and carefully extracted dialogue work with the visuals to build up a portrait of Sherlock's unspoken but overwhelming connection with John, so that when we reach the final question - "What might we deduce about his heart?" - we realize that the images have already silently answered.

This is a really lovely work of art.

Flash ficlet!!

Dec. 22nd, 2014 09:09 pm
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Wheeee, I just wrote a thing for the first time since AUGUST (omg!), for the amnesty on [community profile] fan_flashworks:

When it's hard to say anything (say goodbye)
~1000 words, OT3ish gen, White Collar, SPOILERS FOR 6.06.

An alternate ending. (Did I mention spoilers?)

drive-by solstice

Dec. 22nd, 2014 07:01 am
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drive-by solstice

We drove to Stratford yesterday afternoon to share a meal and Christmas presents with good friends. The sky was turning pink as we changed out of our pyjamas, and I made the image above about a mile from home. The sky continued to be spectacular for the entire journey and for our hour-long walk around town. There were still discernible streaks of dark rose as we headed into the restaurant, two hours after I'd observed the first blush of incipient sunset.

Oh, goodness.

Dec. 22nd, 2014 12:35 am
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My [ profile] sga_santa fic got posted! It is so cool! I am bad with naming this sort of thing; it's an AU where there are houses and people are dressed in uniforms and frilly dresses and there's all the formality all the time, and the whole story is from Cadman and Aiden's POV and yet sweetly McShep, just... so lovely. The world-building is fascinating, I will always be amazed at people who can do it in such a short space like that. Lovely! Won't you go read?

Caput, PG, McShep, Cadman and Aiden heavy.

So delightful!

(I also have a lot of feels about the Jason Manns Christmas with Friends album, as well as some weird thinky thoughts about character names, and I'm roughly a third of the way through my Wincestiel December talky meme post for [personal profile] omens, so more to come in the next few days.)

House rules

Dec. 21st, 2014 09:56 pm
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I'm noticing some of my internal rules lately.

  • When I screw up, I should say so, apologize, and take whatever lumps ensue.
    • Did you know powdered sugar has cornstarch in it? Me neither. I claimed the cookies I made were corn-free to someone who doesn't eat corn products. :-(

  • Whoever wants more distance gets their way, no negotiating.
  • Relationships require radical self-disclosure, equality, and balance.
  • Give people space to be exactly who they are. Don't expect them to change. Don't expect them to stay the same.
  • Don't talk about emotional pain. Painful things are "hard," or "uncomfortable."
    • For the longest time I thought "relationships are hard" meant that terrible pain was expected in relationships.

  • Talk about anger in past tense.

It feels like these rules have pain and fear behind them, attempts to Be Good in response to past disasters. It would be easy to allow them to close around me like a curtain, and erase whatever I might want or ask for. They're not necessarily bad rules, but it's interesting to notice them as imperatives I might have a choice about, rather than The Way Things Are.
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I've mostly stopped posting fic here, just because I figure anyone reading in my small fandoms checks the ao3 tag often enough to see it, but this one is a "soulmate name on your wrist" trope fic and I think I've given enough background in the story that it's intelligible even if you don't know the people it's about, if that particular trope is your bag. It's also a standalone story, for once.

I'll believe in anything if you'll believe in anything
by [personal profile] sophia_helix/[ profile] sophiahelix

Fandom: San Francisco Giants RPS
Pairing: Buster Posey/Tim Lincecum
Rating: NC-17
Length: 18,600

Summary: Tim's dad squints at the name, twisting his mouth in a grimace. Six months ago he got a tattoo of a baseball on his own wrist, right after Mom left, which is when Tim first understood that being soulmates doesn't always mean things work out. "Maybe it'll turn into Geraldine," he says.

It doesn't turn into Geraldine.

Link to story on AO3

Yuletide 2013 recs

Dec. 22nd, 2014 12:59 am
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I'm getting my Yuletide recs up early this year! . . . by which I mean earlier than last year, by a whole two days. (Well, it was the 21st before I started reworking my organization scheme on the fly and His Pipliness needed soothing back to sleep, twice. Close enough.) But these are still recs for last year's Yuletide.

Despite the timing, these are all pre-reveal recs: I clipped everything that looked vaguely interesting into Evernote and read it that way, with "anonymous" listed as every author. (In fact I am cutting and pasting so fast now that I am not even registering the author half the time . . . ) There are 59 of these, if my tag count in Evernote is correct, so they are broken down into cut-tagged categories for your convenience; there are headers inside that match the cut-tags for skimming purposes. I am sorry for the lack of detailed discussion, but I hope the headers and my comments give you an idea of whether you want to read the story anyway. Feel free to comment if you'd like more information.

Anime & Movies: Brave, Disney Princesses, E.T., Galaxy Quest, Out of Sight, The Princess Bride, Princess Tutu (2) )

TV: Endeavour, Elementary (4), Fraggle Rock, The Middleman (4), Twin Peaks )

Books: Code Name Verity, Cotillion, Doctrine of Labyrinths, Emelan (Circle series) (2), Five Hundred Kingdoms, Gentleman Bastards (2) )

Books: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2), Lady's Not for Burning, Lymond Chronicles (2), Mageworlds, Mary Russell )

Books: Miss Marple, Nero Wolfe, The Outsiders, Pern, Queen's Thief, Rivers of London (3), Robot (Asimov) )

Books: Temeraire, Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England, Tortall (Immortals), The Westing Game (3), The Wheel of Time, Young Wizards )

Comics: A-Babies v. X-Babies, Batwoman, Calvin & Hobbes (2), Gunnerkrigg Court )

Miscellaneous: A Dark Room (game), 'Jolene' (song), Minesweeper, Space Vehicles anthropomorphic )

Multi-crossover: Gravity + various )

Remember, if you like a story, please at least hit "kudos," or leave a comment if you can! No need for an AO3 account.


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The collected poems from my descent into madness year spent writing daily poems are now available from Lulu as the cheapest 330-page book they would let me make ($16.20). If that's too pricey, you can also get it from Lulu as a free download, or just click on the "a poem every day" tag to read them here. But if you did buy one, that'd be awesome.

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