Jun. 26th, 2008

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Just wanted to throw this out there: I haven't seen anybody mention it, but BIRDS OF PREY's latest issue did something that made me extraordinarily happy. THE CLOCKTOWER IS BACK.

Well, sort of; it's not THE clocktower, the one that Babs lived and worked in until it was blown up in the course of a dumb story arc. I was heartbroken when that happened, as were so many fans -- yes, it's nice to have Babs and crew out from under the Bat-umbrella, but... Clocktower! You had to love it; the place was a great Babscave, because its above-ground (waaaaaay above ground) location served to emblematize Barbara Gordon's self-imposed isolation and distance from the world even as it contrasted her with subterranean Bruce. That perfect marriage of character and home turf doesn't happen much. Character-X-drops-by-the-Clocktower fanfic became a glorious cliche for a reason.

That clocktower, alas, is gone. Babs and company have set up shop on the West Coast, in the high-tech setting of Platinum Flats. Naturally, something mysterious is going on. The good news: Platinum Flats isn't far from Star City, which means appearances by the much-missed Black Canary. The better news: Babs has set up a new tech company to bring in some dough and give the Birds a front.

Its name? Clocktower Systems.

There's something great about reading a comic book and getting a gentle hat tip that says, "Yeah, we know you loved that particular something, 'cause guess what? We did too."
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After more false starts than a whole season's worth of track and field, the Supreme Court is finally getting around to releasing its opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller. For gun nuts, this is a biggie, and so, gun blogs have been watching the court like a hawk, convinced that TODAY WILL BE THE DAY. The court finally announced this week, after a couple more false starts, that today would, in fact, be the day. If you see a gun nut before the opinion comes out, and they're snappish and nervous, be nice to 'em, because inside they're having shpilkes.

I'm going to deal with my own shpilkes by posting about something on an entirely different hot-button political issue. You know how I know we're not having a serious immigration debate in this country? Because neither side is talking about stuff like this. I've known people dealing with the vagaries of immigration problems -- for school, for work, for becoming Americans. And it made me think the ATF was actually on top of things, compared to the INS.

You'd think that, if we're going to make new immigration policy, making things easier and more streamlined for people who actually make efforts to follow the law would be a priority, wouldn't you?


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