Sep. 11th, 2009

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I had a hard time writing a poem for this day. First off, John M. Ford already said everything that needed to be said. But I did feel a certain obligation.

There are two foreign responses to 9/11 I will never forgot. One was the Iranian citizens' response, which was very human, and very moving, the more so for being so unexpected given the long animosity between our nations. The other... was less so.

Eight years on, and still recalling
men and women, in the streets,
voices thinly, vainly calling
for lost ones they'll never meet,
the ashes, drifting; papers falling
like the bodies to the street.

I worried for the lost. And loved ones.
The future, and what it would hold.
The blood, in rivers, sure to run --
the blood that had, and clotted, cold.
Felt hate for what the men had done,
with funds from oil their patrons sold.

We look within, and always question,
when we armor, lift the lance;
it's not always the wrong impression
to see yourself like that, askance.
But don't forget, at that aggression,
some stepped into their streets -- and danced.
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Is it me, or have the political scandals been pretty entertaining recently? The Van Jones thing had some entertaining facets, but I have to say this week's have been glorious. First, the California state guy, a married Republican rep from oh-so-conservative Orange County, blabbing about his kinky adulterous sex with lobbyists *into an open mike.* I don't know if the best part is the horrifyingly graphic detail, or the fact that one of his lobbyist girlfriends didn't know about the other and got to find out through the news. That's just magnificent. And now there's the ACORN thing: the Census Bureau cut all ties to them after an undercover sting by a couple of right-leaning activists who pretended to be trying to get advice on how to handle tax fraud involving a brothel they were going to open. The best part is when the activists are left alone for a minute, because the "prostitute" tells her partner that she's vamped her way through all her material, and she can't figure out how to make things any more over the top; I can only imagine the partner panicked or went insane, because when the ACORN folks come back in he runs an *outrageous* line of bullshit about how they're going to be trafficking *thirteen underaged girls in from Ecuador to serve as prostitutes,* and can they claim the kids as dependents for tax reasons? AND THE ACORN FOLKS DON'T BAT A FREAKIN' EYE.

(Congressman Charlie Rangel giving campaign contributions to people on the House Ethics Committee that's, um, *investigating him for tax fraud* has the potential to turn into something pretty hilarious, too, if that ever gains traction. So far, one of them has realized this might look bad, and so he gave back Rangel's 20,000 dollars. CONGRESS, I LOVE YOU SO.)


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