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Yeah, a rare politics post. I thought it was a pretty good debate. Both candidates did well. Obama, who's much better as an orator than as a quick thinker, really rose to the occasion here; he prepped like crazy, and it showed. Good for him. McCain was a little slower to warm up, but was excellent when he did. I thought Obama's best stuff was on the economics; very weak on specifics, but he came across as caring, which the electorate likes. McCain wasn't as strong there, but his suggestion of a spending freeze was actually a really good moment, and when it came to foreign policy he was terrific. How the stuff involving Iraq and Afghanistan shook out depends on who you were backing, I think; they actually displayed their separate philosophies there, and that was nice. I think McCain's best answer of the night was on Russia, where he left Obama in the dust.

I was glad to see I wasn't the only person trying to envision what the parody would be like. National Review's Jonah Goldberg suggested that the Saturday Night Live spoof should involve a bling-off. "I've got this bracelet." "Well, I've got *this* bracelet." "I've got this tie tack." "I've got this nipple ring!"

Other things I thought were spoofable:

-- All the times Obama said, "Senator McCain is absolutely right." The McCain folks cut an ad with those clips before the debate was even over. (Though I thought it would've been better with the tagline: "Barack Obama thinks Senator McCain is right. Shouldn't you?")

-- All the times McCain opened a sentence with, "Senator Obama doesn't understand."

-- Obama's simultaneous acknowledgment that the crisis was serious, and inability to make one spending cut. You could totally get a sketch about the Obama household budget meetings out of that. (That would be funny as hell, actually: comparing how the candidates run their household budgets. Michelle Obama trying in vain to get her husband to save money, while he just keeps buying stuff; McCain asking for the AmEx black so he can get a new car, and his wife saying, sorry, she just got another house. Tagline: "McCain -- he's bad with money too, but at least he can afford it.")

-- All the times some remote location was mentioned, and McCain piped up, "Well, I've actually *been* to Waziristan..."

And this may have been just my location, but the video feed had odd pauses and stutters, to the point that it was like watching a debate between Max Headroom and Max Headroom, with Max Headroom moderating. That would be funny in and of itself. ("Senator McCain, we need you in Washington for these crisis talks." "The public doesn't want the debate postponed. I'm going." "But -- wait. There's a way around it. Gentlemen, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yes. Get Bryce.")

All in all, good show by both candidates.
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