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Health care stuff is all over my flist; I've cut-and-pasted the below from comments I left at [profile] marag's LJ, because I think it's something that is worth mentioning.

My pet item that nobody is even considering: hey, why not a *massive* deregulation of prescription drugs? I can understand some stuff like antibiotics and narcotics, from a public-health standpoint, but you can buy amoxicillin OTC in Mexico and the world doesn't seem to have ended. The last I checked, I am a frickin' grown-up, so why do I, a grown-up, need to pay another grown-up to give me a permission slip allowing me to give a third grown-up yet more money?

(Said with the extreme bitterness of an asthmatic who does huge amounts of business travel. IT IS ALBUTEROL. IT IS THE STANDARD MEDICATION. IT IS STANDARD DOSAGE. THERE ARE NO VARIANTS. And yet I have to get a permission slip to buy it, and pay a doctor in order to get said permission slip, before paying a specially-trained and licensed professional to get the item.)

It's not that the doctors won't give me the prescription. They unfailingly do. What I object to is that I and my insurance company often have to pay them for an office visit, just so they can agree with me that yes, I have the chronic condition that is plastered all over my medical records and has been since childhood.

Most doctors will renew a prescription based on a phone call, of course, once you're an established patient, but that still involves a waste of time for me and for them, because I have to make the call and their staff have to take it and relay the message to the doctor who approves it and has it called in to the pharmacy. Annoying as hell for me, a substantial waste of time and money for them, because with a practice's worth of patients it adds up quick. Deregulate, or deschedule, or whatever the term is, most of that stuff, and I'll go to the local Wal-Mart or order it online and have it shipped to my door, fewer headaches all around.

Also, it would make it a *hell* of a lot easier to comparison shop on prices.
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