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Video game magazine THE ESCAPIST has a fun article on the gamer in the kitchen, and discusses why gaming and cooking aren't necessarily that different as hobbies. I can see some similarities to shooting, too.

The comments on the article are pretty wonderful, too. My favorite is from "Onyx Oblivion:"

I'm going to start cooking! I like food, I'm fat (but not "eats 10 pies a day" fat), I like gaming, I like to experiment, have an eye for details, and this sounds like a great hobby.


*comes back 10 minutes later*

Shit. The house is on fire.

In other gamer news (I'm not really a videogamer, I swear), DUDEBRO bears watching. Short version of the story: in December, on the NeoGAF forums, one member casually started a surprising thread: "So I decided to rent Imagine: Babyz Fashion…" which he opened with, "I'm thirty minutes in, and thus far it is, honest to blog, one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I have had all year. In case you think I'm lying for whatever reason, here's my DS upper screen." He posted a screencap. Gamer forums being what they are, you'd expect lots of jokes about the original poster's masculinity and sexuality, and that's exactly what happened. One guy replied, "Well, I guess pedophiles play games too. Thanks for the warning." The original poster replied, "So, I'm a pedophile because I don't want to play Dudebro, My Shit is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time? To throw around these sort of accusations at someone who seeks to do something different suggests quite the insecurity on your part."

A couple of people thought that Dudebro, My Shit is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time sounded like a pretty cool title for a videogame.

There followed photoshopped box art. And cut-scene scripts. And character designs. And the thread became a bizarre brainstorming session. And now the forum denizens are actually making DUDEBRO 2 as a freeware top-down shooter. No, really, they are. They migrated from the Imagine: Babyz thread to a dedicated thread, created a wiki, and instituted a loose management system and work cycle using Google Docs and Google Wave. There is a useful links post here.

DUDEBRO may make you laugh, or it may make you go, "Ugh," or both; it's a lot of bro puns, dick jokes, and stuff about the main character screwing women with big tits. I think it's worth watching, though, because it reminds me of stuff I've seen in fandom -- the discussion is batted around, a concrete idea forms, leadership/responsibility emerges, and group action gets underway -- but creating a videogame is a pretty impressive scaling effort, in part because it has an actual definitive endpoint. It's pretty remarkable, I think, and I think it'll be interesting to see 1) if they pull it off and 2) whether it leads to more large-scale community coordination like this from other groups I don't ordinarily think of as fannish (in terms of producing fanfic and the like). Not to mention what kinds of stuff traditional fandom could do -- or, for all I know, is already doing -- in this vein.
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