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Been a while since my last new gun report. (Mostly because I don't get off my ass and take Gratuitous Gun Pictures.) But I have a new gun, and it's worth talking about!


The new gun is a Walther P-22. I own more .22s than anything else, because 1) they're fun 2) they're cheap to shoot and 3) you can get a hell of a lot of variety when you're shooting .22 caliber -- I have everything from .22 revolvers to .22 pump-action rifles, which means that if I have a bunch of folks who want to go shooting we can have a whale of a fun time if I just bring a variety of .22s and a shitload of ammo. Why another? This one was in large part because of the GF, who enjoys shooting but who suffers from the inconvenience of being a very small person with very small hands. While I love my Ruger Mark III she just finds it too heavy to use comfortably, to say nothing of the fact that her hands have trouble operating safety, slide, and slide lock. So I'd been thinking of a smaller .22 semi-auto for a while, and when we stopped in the gun shop they had a few on hand, and the P-22 fit her very comfortably (see pic above). Felt great to me, too. I imagine folks with big hands would have trouble, but for small and mid-range hands, it's a nice compromise.

We got some range time in on it this weekend. The safety is a little counter-intuitive (the control is long and blocks out what the gun's current state isn't, so if you want the gun on safe you have to flick the safety in the direction of "fire"), but it's very comfortable to shoot and I found its accuracy to be quite acceptable. It ate bulk ammunition well enough and cycled effectively. And the GF enjoyed it, so that was good!

Next acquisition is going to be a Chiappas Rhino, for which I've been lusting for a few years (saw a pic during its development and began salivating). It's a descendent of the Mateba, which means it's a revolver that fires from the bottom cylinder and looks like something you'd see in a dystopian future. It'll be a wait, though, as I really want the five-inch barrel and my gun shop guy has found only one guy who's gotten any in, and he's only seen the snubnoses. And not many of them. But hopefully I'll see mine soon.


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