Fun with side-effects

Mar. 23rd, 2019 02:42 pm
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On my present med balance (updated Monday, edited Tuesday) I feel emotionally okay and physically like a mildewed towel: inert, smelly, and getting worse the longer I let it fester.


Mar. 23rd, 2019 11:22 am
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so I had this idea to see if I could vid in imovie on my ipad so I could take it on vacation with me. not even getting into the gesture based interface, I fully expected getting clips in to be the biggest pain in the ass. I was not wrong.

so far:
--my agéd imac, which I am using to prep files, cannot interface with any kind of cloud, operating system and browsers are too old and unupdateable
--so currently my file transfer system is put the files on a USB drive, then plug that into my chromebook because it actually has a USB port, and upload from there to Google Drive
--imovie on ipad WILL import mp4s from Google Drive, successfully tested this with some vid files
--but it does not like the straight episode files. i mean, MKV, okay.
--plan: use quicktime on the old imac to cut clips of episodes, save as .movs
--obstacle 1: season 4 cannot be opened by anything on my imac. I gave it to echan and they were like "well here's your problem" turns out s4 is encoded in a codec from like, last year. agéd imac cannot handle. echan transcoding files for me!
--obstacle 2: quicktime on imac has cried foul on transcoded files (invalid sample description??)
--currently running transcode from VLC to see if that will help???
--obstacle 3: the .movs I saved of clips and laboriously sneakernetted to Google Drive will not open in imovie in the imac
--may have to transcode those after all
--have not conceptually proved I can get clips into imovie on ipad at all
--I should really go do some homework since I didn't get any done yesterday and that burns my spare day and the library closes at 5pm again today. time for wearing pants.

Go-Bots #4

Mar. 24th, 2019 01:49 am
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At this point, Go-Bots has been successful enough that even if I'm not going to work on a follow-up any time soon, I'm sure you'll see Go-Bots popping up somewhere else. After me and John did Transformers Vs. G.I.Joe, it wasn't too long after that that they started Transformers and G.I.Joe and Rom and Microns... They started having more of those crossovers in the mainstream IDW universe, so I wouldn't be surprised if something similar to that happens where, okay, you saw the Go-Bots in their own off-beat standalone comic series and now we're going to introduce a version of the Go-Bots that are part of the cohesive Hasbro universe. -- Tom Scioli

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Mar. 23rd, 2019 04:46 pm
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Total marchers may have hit a million.

Petition at 4.4 million 4.5 million 4.6 million, says [ profile] UltraButt.

Star Trek: Discovery 2.10.

Mar. 23rd, 2019 05:16 pm
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It occurs to me the mid season hiatus is near. In fact, this might be it? Anyway. I spent the last three days at the Leipzig Book Fair, and thus I had little to no time at all for the internet. But now I‘ve watched the episode, and here‘s what my book fair-frizzled brain made of it:

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Time to rock and roll

Mar. 23rd, 2019 09:41 am
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Off to meet up with friends/relatives then do the short route (some of us have wheels and some of us are only six).

Good luck to everyone else who's going! May we all have a lovely or at least tolerable time, and may we change the world!

Petition just passed 4 million.

Anything important going on of late?

Mar. 23rd, 2019 03:02 am
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Ah, hell. I'd thought I was somewhat keeping up with DW, but (when I really should have been sleeping) I just scrolled back either 1000 entries or 14 days and discovered that's all I am able to scroll back.

It's been a rather busy several months. If stuff's going on in your life I might have missed it.

The intent is to be at shul in 8 hrs. The intent was to go to bed early.
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(They'd come in through the door.)

They saw the Stag - the Stags, the many that the Shadow'd thought were one for years - laying waste to the place.

(The Joker was also there.)

There was burning and bodies. )

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Mar. 23rd, 2019 01:29 am
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what is especially annoying about the stepmother email and the stepmother friend texting thread is that I spent time writing about that instead of actually doing the procesing writing i was hoping to find time for tonight.

As placeholder,

Visiting 93 year old Arnold the night before he died was a gift. I was afraid it would be hard, and I took steps to make sure I wouldn't break down over dad while visiting someone else. Instead, I left with more peace over Dad. And quite possibly K and I were the last dancers to visit him.

I've been confused about how my answer to how am I doing is weirdly not weird. My working theory is that unlike with Mom I have no big regrets. I have a few small regrets, but none of them are huge pivot points on a better or even longer life. I have some "I wish I'd thought [to maybe enable a call to this person]" but no "how the hell did I not do [thing]"

And I'm wondering if that's it.

Or I'm wondering if I was just way more prepared for him to die, and was just hoping to have shown him more pictures, had a real goodbye.

And... what's it called when you're happy for someone but you envy the hell out of them? The gal who bathed him got a goodbye. On Friday when I didn't reach him he apparently told her to have a great life that she'd be wonderful etc. I think he knew he wouldn't see her Monday.

I skyped with him Wednesday. I wish I'd reached him Fri or Sat; I'm not even sure I reached him Thurs. I hate that Stepmother trained me not to, for the most part, even try when Danny wasn't there. People tell me he was very sleepy Fri but also he talked with both my aunt and uncle. So I dunno. Nurselady was shocked when she got the news Monday.

But with Arnold I saw what fading away slowly looks like. Arnold was still there, behind animated eyes and waggly eyebrows. But I hadn't the faintest idea what message he was trying to convey with some of those gestures or with his hands. And days of that would have been torture for both me and Dad.

I gotta get to sleep. Going to shul in the morning, and haven't chosen clothes. And it's nearly 2.


Mar. 22nd, 2019 11:47 pm
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The announcy bits: Tomorrow (Saturday) Cousin Ami and I will return to Foggy Bottom after services at Adas Israel, figuring to get there around 1ish and be there til around 5ish. Text him on 646-4699743 for address. I'm thinking to go to Rich's God the One Man Show at 7 at Silver Spring UU church although who knows whether I will. Tuesday there's some possibility of an Alexandria shivalikeobject, and Thursday is definite at Lonebear's in Wheaton.

So last night was at Ben and Talya's and it was quiet and kinda exactly what I needed, modulo stress over whether people might drive through the terrible traffic and then not have a minyan. We didn't technically have a minyan but we had 10 humans capable of reading counting the 4 and 6 year old and not the baby (and shortly thereafter another two adult humans) and that realization made me more than sanguine with going ahead with actually saying kaddish, and it was really helpful to be able to lean against one of those humans during the third somewhat more surprise iteration.

Three of the adult humans I've known for 3 decades, another 4 for 2 decades, and one adult human for around a decade (she married my high school boyfriend), and the 13 year old . . . well, I remember her being in utero but I think I actually classed her as friend last night.

And yeah, technically we didn't have a miyan, but nobody there was going to mind and it was perfect.

And this evening was still kinda hard, that last time after saying Dad's name.

Still boggled to have run into Judith.

Right now I'm ... gah.
Cheryl is the one who called me on Sunday. Last night I used Talya's phone to send a note explaining how to check one's block list.

We had this conversation:
Me, 4:48p - ...Prob should talk with [stepmother] about notice/obit in the Post up here, also informing [apartment]. Can do these things but don't want to do so without some coordination. Also I don't know if he has an in memory charity. Should look to see if FSH maybe. And is there a funeral home site or a place people can post memories? His page isn't set up for that. I suppose I could create a Remembering page/group. Will talk with cousin.

Her: Definintely talk with Stepmother these are her decisions. You setting up a separate memory page / group would be a great idea. Stepmother would know of his favorite charity

Me: Have gotten some pictures from her but no words.

[as in, I've gotten a bunch of emails of a photo of a photo and no words, and I have sent notes back to some and gotten nothing, and I sent a text of 'how are you holding up' I guess on Monday and got 'ok' eventually. And I called around noon the other day (yesterday?) and woke her.]

Her: Try emailing her. She knows of your message to me now. I'll speak with the funeral home tomorrow

Me, 542p: OK. Do y'all have a timeline in mind for Florida stuff?

Her: No. [stepmother does not have a date now.]

Me,8:55p: OK. Sounds like I can cancel next week's flights and mostly figure I can make early April plans? (outside FL)

Her, 9:43p: ]Stepmother has not made plans for either location now. You need to email [stepmother]. I have forwarded her your texts

i have to come to some conclusions as to when I decide to say fsck it and work with Cousin to do something in DC.

Me, 946p: Thanks. I od not have Brain to compose email just now but will figure I can make DC plans the next few weeks and probably birthday plans for the 12th.

Her, 1027p: I'll see [stepmother] tomorrow.

... and then a few min ago I look at email and I have email from stepmother, replying to my reply of one of the pictures she sent:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Stepmother
Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 9:57 PM
Subject: Re:email
To: Vval

You have my email address, right.....?

On Mar 20, 2019, at 5:54 PM, Vval wrote:

> Oh wow where is this? is that the boxer dad was keeping track of at one point back in 09?
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 12:46 AM Stepmother wrote:

[picture of Dad, with a dog]

I can't figure out how to reply to this without potentially being interpreted as snarky.
And honestly my first thought was fsck you, b*tch.

I'm leaning toward "yes..."

Bleh. Why the FSCK does this have to be so hard? I guess it might be a good thing, as receiving the various pictures was softening my heart enough I was starting to forgive her.

Edit: Or maybe "yes, but since you hadn't replied to my previous notes I was waiting until you were ready to communicate."

Edit: It has been suggested that I reply "of fucking course you fool" since I no longer have anything to lose. and "if you want to be long winded you add 'lets get through this and in a few weeks we will neve rhave to se each other again'"

these suggestions, if nothing else, do make me smile.


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