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Just wanted to throw this out there: I haven't seen anybody mention it, but BIRDS OF PREY's latest issue did something that made me extraordinarily happy. THE CLOCKTOWER IS BACK.

Well, sort of; it's not THE clocktower, the one that Babs lived and worked in until it was blown up in the course of a dumb story arc. I was heartbroken when that happened, as were so many fans -- yes, it's nice to have Babs and crew out from under the Bat-umbrella, but... Clocktower! You had to love it; the place was a great Babscave, because its above-ground (waaaaaay above ground) location served to emblematize Barbara Gordon's self-imposed isolation and distance from the world even as it contrasted her with subterranean Bruce. That perfect marriage of character and home turf doesn't happen much. Character-X-drops-by-the-Clocktower fanfic became a glorious cliche for a reason.

That clocktower, alas, is gone. Babs and company have set up shop on the West Coast, in the high-tech setting of Platinum Flats. Naturally, something mysterious is going on. The good news: Platinum Flats isn't far from Star City, which means appearances by the much-missed Black Canary. The better news: Babs has set up a new tech company to bring in some dough and give the Birds a front.

Its name? Clocktower Systems.

There's something great about reading a comic book and getting a gentle hat tip that says, "Yeah, we know you loved that particular something, 'cause guess what? We did too."
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Last night I had my first and only comic-book related dream to date. And it was deeply scary.

LJ-cut for gruesome details. )

I have had some screwy dreams in my life, but this one was remarkably coherent and really scary. Gahhhh. Can't sleep; clowns'll eat me.
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Boy, first the Batgirl gloves, now this. A great, wonderfully fun sweater; the blog post links to a rough tutorial, if anybody's inclined to give it a shot. The creator may make a pattern available in the future.
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So, Prachya Pinkaew has a new movie coming out. He made two movies (ONG BAK and TOM YUM GOONG) with Tony Jaa, a brilliant performer who fights pretty much the way I've always seen Nightwing move in my head. Now that Jaa's trying his own hand at directing, Pinkaew's decided to go ahead and make a Cassanda Cain flick. Seriously: just going from the trailer, star Nicharee "Jeeja" Vismistananda moves and stands and fights the way I've always imagined Cass.

...look, DC, any chance you can just license the dude to do Asian Batman movies? Because I would so watch them.

Trailer (including painful outtakes) below the cut. )
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Aha! The video beast is slain. For the record, if you're using iMovie and your Quicktime export looks fine but the YouTube conversion screws up the video, take some time to mess around with any stills you're using. Turns out all YouTube wanted was for every single one of my stills to use the Ken Burns effect -- if you just leave it as a still for five seconds or whatever, it gets bored and confused. So Ken Burns out the wazoo, or even very minimally, and you'll come out fine. Now that that's out of the way, here's my belated Thanksgiving post.

This year, I'm thankful for a lot of things -- including, for obvious reasons, fandom -- but here's one little thing I'm thankful for: Bud Collyer. Never heard of him? Well, you might have *heard* him, anyway: he was the first actor to play Superman on a regular basis (probably the second to play him ever -- a guy named Ray Middleton dressed up in a Superman suit at the 1939 World's Fair). Collyer started playing Superman on radio in 1940 and kept it up for a decade. He played Superman in cartoons, too, by the Fleischer studios and in later TV animated series.

But it doesn't make sense for me to geek out about Bud Collyer unless you get to hear him. So here's my first-ever videoblog post. Warning: the video below the cut contains footage of a grown man geeking out over a 1940s radio show. Folks who enjoy comics, slash, and video of a guy being a complete dork may find some unexpected enjoyment here.

Video below the cut. )


Oct. 1st, 2007 09:59 pm
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(Also, oddly compelling.)
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[ profile] petronelle did a drabble exchange post here, and one of her ficlets posited Jason Todd, the second Robin, really enjoying being flown around by Starfire. The character combination and scenario tickled me, so I wrote a sort-of sequel, and liked it enough to post it here.


Happy Thoughts )
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[ profile] tsukiwriter uploaded a clip of the new SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY movie to YouTube. I am glad of this, because otherwise I would have just had to tell you guys how insanely gay the direct-to-video SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY is, and you won't believe it until you've seen the clip (posted by Tsuki to scans_daily, but I dunno how many of you are watching that comm these days).

How gay is it? This gay. )
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In case you haven't seen it, [ profile] petronelle is hosting a DCU fanfic version of the drinking game "Never have I ever." No drinking is involved, but quite a lot of writing is. I share some blame for the concept, but had no hand in the rules, which are quite clever. This could conceivably be played in any number of fandoms. Here's how it works:

  1. Post a comment beginning "Never have I ever written..." and then complete as you like. For example, "Never have I ever written Harry Potter fic with a character death."

  2. Read through the "Never have I ever" posts. If someone has posted one that describes something you've written before, you have to reply to that comment with a new ficlet about the same thing. So, if one of the comments is, say, "Never have I ever written a Harley Quinn and Starfire fic," then I would have to post a ficlet with those characters, because I've written a story with them in it.

  3. For every three ficlets you post, you get to post one more "Never have I ever."

The comments are getting rather numerous, so here are the links to my ficlets in Petra's post:

"Never have I ever written a story in which Cassandra Cain has daddy issues" here, "Never have I ever written a story in which a character says, 'I love you,' " here, and "Never have I ever written the Joker with anyone" here. (Also, I have a sort-of ficlet response in the comments for this ficlet of Te's.)
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I found the painting! It's "Double Identity," by Amanda Visell (she seems to not have a site of her own, more's the pity), and it ran as part of a show at the M Modern Art Gallery in Las Vegas last year. The main show was of paintings by Adam West (seriously!), and a bunch of other artists did a side exhibit of Batman paintings that showed their interpretations of the character (and related ones).

Visell's delightful painting, "Double Identity," is below the cut. None of West's paintings are online, but you can see paintings from the side show. (I ganked one, Joey Remmers's "Solace," for the new icon.) Reportedly, the next week's show was on a James Bond theme, but none of that is online. Alas.

For the record, I found this using the new comics blog search engine, Ask Cerebra. She's Cerebro's twin sister, and very useful for items like this.

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Talk about getting this in under the wire: it's 11:22 PM and I just learned, courtesy of James Lileks, that today is the birthday of the late, great C.C. Beck, comic book artist extraordinaire. He drew Captain Marvel's adventures for Fawcett, and later made a return to the character for DC in the seventies (but left the series over creative differences). His clean, cheerful art is some of the best stuff in comics, and I love his work very much. So if you've got any Captain Marvel lying around, the next half-hour would be a good time to reread 'em.
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OK, this is driving me NUTS. I will swear, up and down, that I have a copy of this image. I can visualize it pretty damn clearly. I remember where I first saw it. But my searches are failing completely, so y'all are my only hope. Because this is driving me insane.

It's a painting of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Half of the painting is him as Bruce, half as Batman. The Bruce half (left?) has him sitting in an armchair at Wayne Manor or a club or something. The Batman half (right?) has him on the rooftops, with Robin hanging upside-down by the ankle from a jumpline. Batman and Bruce are facing away from each other. It is by a female artist, WHOSE NAME I CANNOT REMEMBER AND IT IS KILLING ME. She does not do comic books. It is just a great pop-art interpretation, and Bruce is drawn in a style reminiscent of Professor Neutronium of POWERPUFF GIRLS fame.

Anybody know what I'm talking about here? Anybody? Bueller?

UPDATE: Found it!. I got the sides Bruce and Batman were on wrong. The artist is Amanda Visell.
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Tony Jaa is simply awesome.

He was born Panom Yeerum, in Thailand, though his family is of Cambodian ethnicity. He started out doing stunt double work, and since then has graduated to headlining and choreographing his own films. His films ONG BAK and TOM YUM GOONG made it to the states (as ONG BAK: THE THAI WARRIOR and THE PROTECTOR, respectively), and ONG BAK 2 is in post-production. He's reportedly learning English, but plans on staying in Thailand for a while yet. I'm glad he's building up a good home base, but I hope his English lessons go well. Because if there's ever a NIGHTWING film, I would cast him as Dick Grayson without reservation. (Dick's not Asian? Big deal. Have a Thai or Cambodian actress play Mary Grayson in a flashback, say they spent a lot of Dick's childhood over there before John and Mary decided to come back to the states, and you're good to go.)

Because he moves the way Dick does, and I don't think they'd find anybody else who could come close.

Also -- and I know this is important -- Tony Jaa is sufficiently pretty.

Every once in a while, a news article will compare his physical skills to those of Buster Keaton. This comparison is, of course, submoronic. The silent comics, particularly Chaplin, Keaton, and Harold Lloyd, were terrific influences on Jackie Chan (who grew up at a time when silent Western movies still played in Asia). I don't think they were not particularly influential on Jaa, except through Chan, at a couple degrees of separation. I suspect that somebody who was not familiar with silent films put together an early version of Jaa's press packet, and included a Keaton reference because of media references to Keaton's strong influence on Chan.

Because there is a silent star who definitely comes to mind when I think of Tony Jaa, and it's not Keaton, or Chaplin, or Lloyd.

It's Douglas Fairbanks.

Here's why. )
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Title: "Minute of Angle"
Author: David Hines / hradzka
Author's Note: Set in and around ROBIN: YEAR ONE; those who've read it will recognize some of Chuck Dixon's dialogue.
Acknowledgments: For [ profile] petronelle, because everybody needs another reason to love Jim Gordon. Thanks to [ profile] nos4a2no9 for the beta.
Summary: Jim and Babs, in the early days. There are a lot of things Jim isn't exactly free to admit. That he has a daughter is one of them.

Sometimes a man shouldn't get what he wants.

He never knows he shouldn't until it's too late. Until he's lost something else forever, something more precious. Something he never even knew he wanted.

Jim Gordon wanted his brother's wife, once. )
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Title: "Training"
Author: David Hines / hradzka
Author's Note: [ profile] thete1 is one of my oldest friends in the fandom, and I love her to pieces, so I decided to write her a gift fic. This turned out to be a far more interesting exercise than I'd anticipated, because Te and I occupy very different ends of the fanfic spectrum. I am very much a genfic guy. Te, like many of my friends, is a ginormous pervert.

So, um, I... I wrote porn.

Well, I tried, anyway. This fic is kind of a weird animal; basically, I tried to write a Te story, or maybe imagine what I'd write if Te and I swapped interests -- sort of a pre-emptive remix, if you will. So it comes to you from an alternate reality in which Te is writing emotionally intense stream-of-consciousness Jim Gordon genfic, while I'm over here trying to get Tim Drake laid. This is the first time I've put out a story that has... in which there's... er, details of, you know... yeah, I'm really too gen for this kind of thing, and I won't be doing it in public again any time soon, so enjoy the novelty. I was planning on just giving this to Te, but she told me I should post it, so here we are. Tim/Cass, het, the mildest NC-17 I could get away with, and as much pressing of Te's id-buttons as I could conceivably fit in. So, Te, this one's for you.

Summary: Cass pounces. Tim accepts the inevitable.

Read more... )
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This one's for [ profile] rubynye, just because. Thanks to Betty for the beta.

Title: "When Harley Met Kory"
Author: David Hines / [ profile] hradzka
Synopsis: Harley Quinn and Starfire have a team-up. Really.
Rating: PG.

Billy Etheridge was starting to question his decision to be a lawyer. )


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