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I am doing extended remote business travel and am unable to get anywhere near a movie theater for some time (don't ask), but I was able to watch a crappy bootleg of IRON MAN 2.

Not anywhere near as good as the first flick, though it had its moments. Oddly, the scene that hit me the hardest did so for reasons that had nothing to do with the scene itself, or the actors, or, really, the entire movie.

I can sum it up in one sentence:

Spoiler )
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From Newsweek's Oscar roundtable:

DOWNEY: I got a story for you. I go to Japan. "Iron Man" is opening there. I'm like, dude, this is my walk of fame. I go there and they go [he mimics a Japanese accent], "Small problem with your passport, it links up to some incredible criminal activity." I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah. "You did not make claim of said activity." I was like, "I got tired." "We would like to interrogate you." I was like, "Interrogate? Fine, great." Six hours later, I'm sitting there in the Japanese interrogation suite. A lady comes out. "So were you in jail or prison?" I go, "Both." "How long?" "Sixteen months." "Do you know the name of the first infraction you had in 1995?" I was like, "It's hard for me to remember because I've been arrested so many times." "We cannot let you enter our country." They decided later that I can come in to do the press, "but I must please never come to Japan again." So—I'll wrap this up quickly. We go to the Iron Chef restaurant. They give me the finest Kobe beef, and I am doubled over for Yoo-hoo status for the next two days.

LANGELLA: I don't know what that means.

DOWNEY: I ate a piece of beef that was superexpensive, I got a parasite and I was Yoo-hoo. I was Brown Betty for two days.

LANGELLA: See, he has his own language.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. WAS [ profile] brown_betty FOR TWO DAYS.

Betty, come clean. What was that like?

ETA: Promoted from the comments, so you don't miss it, [ profile] brown_betty's answer to that question: "Sexy, yet sort of sleezy! It burns when I pee now."
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It had been up in the air, and I'd heard they were negotiating seriously (if belatedly) after he dropped hints that Marvel was being stupid in interviews. I hadn't heard anything more than the fact that Marvel had come back to the table and that Favreau was optimistic they'd work it out.

Now, at the base of an article about RDJ being cast as Sherlock Holmes for Guy Ritchie's upcoming flick, VARIETY says this:

Downey next will be seen in "Tropic Thunder," and then stars with Jamie Foxx in the Joe Wright-directed "The Soloist" for DreamWorks. He'll reprise his Tony Stark role in Iron Man 2 for Marvel Studios and Paramount, with Jon Favreau directing.

Did I miss an announcement somewhere? Or did VARIETY bury the hell out of their lead?
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Went to the movies last night; caught IRON MAN (the second time) and KUNG FU PANDA. The latter was a surprise: it had looked *dreadful* in the trailers, but actually wasn't bad; the script had some nice touches, and the animation -- particularly the sense of movement -- was really quite delightful. It'd be a good basis for a cartoon series, actually; there are enough characters that a series could feature a few of them per episode and get a good mix of stuff, and bounce between comedy and action pretty easily. The cast'd be too expensive, of course, but get some skilled voice actors and you're good to go. Actually, skilled voice actors would probably be an improvement.

IRON MAN the second time around was interesting. I noticed something...

Spoiler on the bad guys. )
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Apparently IRON MAN movieverse is the hip new fandom. People are writing it like crazy. And a lot of it's quite good. Most of the stuff out there is Tony/Pepper of some variety, but there is variety: gen to romance, with even the non-romantic fic focusing on their relationship dynamic and, to some degree, UST, with banter a-plenty (see, for example, "Coming out of His Shell" by [ profile] confusedkayt or [ profile] seren_ccd's "Spicy"). There are some other nifty things out there as well; [ profile] left_arrow wrote me a quick Pepper-and-Alfred crossover with BATMAN BEGINS (yay!), and [ profile] bacchae23 wrote a flawed but earnest attempt at Yinsen fic.

And there are the things that just make me go "oh, fandom" in various tones. Such as the earnest, wishful request for "REALLY fluffy fics for a poor fan girl": "could someone do a Pepper/Tony fic that had them... have children? A little boy would be really cute..I just thought that Mr. Stark would be the best dad (Not including the whole drinking, womanizing thing)"

Well, yes, *not including that.*

(Seriously, people. Equal parts *facepalm* and *adorable.* I am half inclined to try writing it for her.)

But there are seriously good fics out there, so if you're looking for something new, check 'em out. Such as "Four Times Pepper Considered Quitting and the One Time She Did," by [ profile] seren_ccd. *points to fic* Yes, that.

(Don't forget: OH JOHN RINGO NO, the T-shirt, benefitting the Helen Bamber Foundation!)


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