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I'm still around. Just really busy.

Apparently everybody is on tumblr now? Is that where fandom happens?
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The upcoming interactive web sitcom DIRTY WORK, about three young crime scene cleaners, looks funny and quite well-budgeted. Potentially of interest to folks is that one of the three regulars, Michelle, is a transwoman and is played by a transwoman actress (Jamie Clayton). Not to overshadow the other characters or the rest of the cast, but that's pretty noteworthy; I'm trying to remember the last trans regular character I've seen on any continuing show, and the only one that comes to mind is Officer Brubaker from the 1986 sitcom THE LAST PRECINCT. Brubaker, played by actress Randi Brooks, was a transwoman whose transition was played mainly for awkwardness (she wasn't entirely out to everyone, especially those from her past) and for cheap jokes ("she used to be a guy and now she's A HOT CHICK! That's FUNNY!").

I don't know about the interactive gimmicks they're pushing for DIRTY WORK (this Ain't It Cool article goes into a little detail on that; I'm skeptical on how interesting or how much fun they'll be), but it seems like an offbeat show that's worth a look.

Below the cut, the series trailer and a brief interview with Clayton. )
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Oh look, it's an auction of props from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. You can bid on such items as Steve's draft applications and exam sheet, Howard Stark showgirl costumes, the Camp Lehigh flag, USO girl costumes, Steve's USO cue cards, and one or two of Steve's shields (I picked the untraditional ones, but they have more).

Also, a couple of items from THOR, including Jane Foster's science journal.
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A few links from my Twitter feed for you guys:

  • Remember the bit in LIVE AND LET DIE where James Bond runs across the backs of crocodiles? That was the 5th take (video).

  • Magicians confront the challenge of keeping tricks secret in the age of the internet.

  • An executive presides over 80% stock drop, gets $10.9m pension and $4.5m consulting gig for former employer. That employer? The New York Times.

  • German Doctor Who fangirl builds her own TARDIS (video). Brilliant part: it's foldable and she can transport it singlehanded.

  • …I really wish Vermin Supreme (video) were in the Republican debates. Or the Democratic debates, next time they're held. Especially given that a change of administration basically turns political arguments into Bizarro World. Washington Monthly is now warning that if Republicans retake the White House and Congress, they will kill the filibuster! Wasn't Kevin Drum telling me just a little while ago how essential killing the filibuster was?

  • On reading Boswell's LIFE OF JOHNSON, I had looked in vain some years ago to try to find out what the hell the Cock Lane Ghost was. Now I know!
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  • I am reading Stephen King's latest book because the opening chapters were fun and intriguing. That ended after the sample ended and I am halfway through and it is godawful boring. Somebody tell me why writers telling stories about a guy travelling in time to a more halcyon day always, always, *always* have that halcyon day be the time when the writers themselves were children? Because I think they're not looking back at the society so much as they are wishing they didn't have to be adults anymore.

  • On the gun-nut front, the Fast and Furious scandal is really appalling me. I have been meaning to write commentary on it for ages. Matthew Hoy sums up my feelings on Holder's performance pretty well.

  • Writing for Yuletide! My assignment is progressing pretty well, if by "pretty well" you mean it was supposed to be plotless fluff and is suddenly developing a plot. Dammit. Yes, it's me, you're surprised. I will try to write a bunch of Yuletide stories this year if I can. I did five my first year, four the second, and three last year. I want to reverse that trend.

  • Aftermath of Jenny/Vastra fic: it's done well in hits, less well in the comments and recs department. I'll try posting to some other communities and see if it gets a little more traction that way, but I think it may just be that the combination of femslash and casefic just doesn't do it for fandom. Or maybe readers didn't like it as much as I did! Which happens, too. I'm kind of tempted to write a sequel. Maybe someday.


Nov. 27th, 2010 09:06 pm
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  • Here, have a pretty kick-ass South Asian-themed cyberpunk music video (You Say Party's "Lonely's Lunch") with some nifty touches from here and there. Excellent filmmaking, pacing, and direction. I'd watch the rest of this movie.

    Embed below cut. )

  • I can't bring myself to give a shit about the Whedon-less remake of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. BTVS was the show that pretty much ended my serious fannishness: I don't give myself whole-heartedly to shows anymore, and BTVS is a big part of why. That show was so good, and got *so* bad, that it broke my fannish heart. Whedon was happy to let Marti Noxon run BTVS into the frigging ground when he went to work on other projects, and he didn't do it any favors himself toward the end, so it's not like he can complain about it, either, because he took his hands off it and let it suck a long time ago. I do think it's a stupid move, though: it's not that long since the previous incarnation, and unlike the first film so many people still whole-heartedly *love* the original that it doesn't make sense to think they'd go watch a remake. Remakes work best when people vaguely know the original exists, but probably haven't seen the actual thing. This is like if they'd tried to make the J.J. Abrams STAR TREK reboot at the time of and instead of the original STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. It just pisses off the core fans, and nobody else will get excited, because wasn't that show just on the air?

  • At this rate, I fully expect that as soon as BREAKING DAWN comes out, the movie studio is going to announce a remake of TWILIGHT.
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Often away, often antisocial. Some thoughts on various things:

-- Moffat's SHERLOCK is much better than an updated Holmes has any right whatsoever to be. Quite fun, though some aspects of the changes in the relationship between Holmes and Watson don't quite suit me. Probably because Watson is arguably the single most lovable character in all of popular fiction, and he hasn't gotten to be lovable enough for me yet.

-- Any summer that gives me INCEPTION and WINTER'S BONE is just awesome. (The latter being an example of one of my favorite gimmicks, ie, somebody who is not a detective is forced by circumstances to become one.)

-- INCEPTION is a cerebral, action-packed cerebral thriller that involves ideas and interpretations and all kinds of cool stuff. Naturally, fandom's reaction to this is to submit a kink meme. Because the most interesting thing about the best SF movie in years is its characters fucking. Goddamn it, fandom.

-- Lately the GF and I have been watching FRAGGLE ROCK. I didn't much care for it as a kid, but watching it as a grown-up, it's a really surprising, touching, complex show, with all manner of interesting stuff in it, and Sprocket the dog may be my favorite Muppet ever. Of note: the human character, Doc, gets a computer in one episode, and is very excited about its 64K of RAM.
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Hey, SF geeks, wanna buy an original Chesley Bonestell? How about this one? Part of a huge art auction.

A dad's real-life attempt to produce football's Doc Savage doesn't turn out so well.

Greek dog photographed participating in large number of riots over the past few years. I saw him in the BBC's news footage from yesterday, too.
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via [personal profile] voske, I learned of [personal profile] catvalente's wisdom on the subject of vampires:

The newest trend among vampires seems to be removing any downside at all from actually being a vampire. Gone are the days of Nosferatu or even Dracula--apparently vampires can walk around in the daylight now, whether they sparkle or not (Being Human, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight), are universally hot (everything ever), functionally cannot be killed and honestly no one even tries anymore, can see themselves in mirrors most of the time, and can even touch crosses without going up like a roman candle (True Blood). There is literally no bad in being a vampire except for the blood drinking thing, and being a vegetarian who only drinks cow blood or whatever is pretty much de rigeur for your modern vampire.

So...essentially you just live forever, right? That's it. You live forever, are super strong, and smoking hot.

And yet these vampires mope around like this is the greatest burden ever borne by preternaturally attractive man. [...] There is no reason to get upset because you get to live forever while not being hunted to death by righteous men, having to avoid delicious garlic, while also having every girl or boy in a mile radius fall madly in love with you. That is not the curse of the ages. That is awesome.


I blame Anne Rice culture for this: it started out with people who felt isolated and outcast identifying with vampires, but if you're going to identify with monsters you don't want life as a monster to have too many downsides, do you? This is why we have werewolves who control the change, and vampires who don't fear daylight. I maintain this is also why zombies are so frigging popular these days: they're the only unalloyed monsters we've got left. Nobody ever wanted to be a zombie, because zombies are disgusting and repulsive, and *that is the entire point of zombies.*
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-- My 3D program is not working on the new Mac. I don't know why. The folks who made it and I are trying to figure it out.

-- This is my next ski mask.

-- Who is your ultimate nerd drinking buddy?

-- Protesters heckle Israeli official. This is not remarkable. However, when said official is speaking at the Oxford Union and one of the numerous hecklers is an Oxford student who actually is yelling "Kill the Jews!" I think it's safe to say there is a serious problem. Britain is a bad place for Jews these days.
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Huh. I'm not sure why, but a surprising number of new people have shown up recently. Hello, new people! Do not be alarmed if I am slow or fail to reciprocate, particularly on LJ, but please feel welcome. Pull up a chair. Have a mimosa.

I'm kind of curious where all of you have come from, so if you like take a moment in comments to let me know what brought you here, and what you're interested in seeing more of. Poetry? Guns? Discussion of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's finances? I'm just curious what people are suddenly signing on for.
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  • I was curious as to what kind of Disney fanfic was out there. Not much, and most of what there is is terrible; there's a reason it's a Yuletide-eligible fandom. I did find a truly horrifying Belle/Beast pr0n ficlet that's quite effective.

  • Telekinesis by air jet! I want one.

  • I think my favorite writing on the subject of depression is by F. Scott Fitzgerald, in the form of his three-part essay, "The Crack-Up." Michel Mok provides a view of Fitzgerald from the outside during this period in his excellent interview, "The Other Side of Paradise, Scott Fitzgerald, 40, Engulfed in Despair." I think Fitzgerald's characterization of himself in tentative recovery as, variously, a broken plate -- a metaphor that's been used by others, but none as well -- and a surly dog has a remarkable truth to it, and a kind of grace in its woundedness that escapes most people who try to write about depression or indeed any profoundly affecting emotion. Its conclusion (barring the, to modern readers, jarring little bit of racism) is one of the most remarkable passages I've ever read, particularly the last two sentences:

    I do not any longer like the postman, nor the grocer, nor the editor, nor the cousin’s husband, and he in turn will come to dislike me, so that life will never be very pleasant again, and the sign Cave Canem is hung permanently just above my door. I will try to be a correct animal though, and if you throw me a bone with enough meat on it I may even lick your hand.
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Looks like MMA fighter Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic is calling it quits after a disappointing performance at UFC 103. Quoth Cro Cop:

I fucked up and that's all there is to it. Maybe the ones who I've said that I'm done are right. Obviously I can't break my mental block in the Octagon. Besides, I've been training like a spartan for 20 years now, my body is worn out. The years caught up to me, I've been worn out...I want a normal life. I'm entering a cage and thinking about fishing in Privlaka. You can't win that way.

I'm posting because of this picture: )
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The chair in Neil Gaiman's library looks really, really comfortable.

It must be. The cat is on it.
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Asked about his relationship with Malik, Marquis said, "There is no relationship," adding that he had no contact with the Pranknet founder. He also denied giving Malik money or paying for Pranknet expenses like Skype accounts.

However, Marquis's claim that he is not in contact with Malik is belied by TSG's own computer server logs. Records indicate that Malik immediately shared with Marquis the addresses of stories about Pranknet that appeared on TSG. The stories, which each carried a distinctive url that was created solely for Malik's viewing, were first provided to the Pranknet founder in e-mails sent to his Gmail account ( On three occasions over the last six weeks, within minutes of Malik clicking a link (which recorded his IP address in Windsor), Marquis also looked at the story, resulting in his Scarborough IP being memorialized on TSG's servers.

When confronted with this strange coincidence, Marquis could offer little beyond, "Hmmmm."


Jul. 14th, 2009 07:19 pm
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The Meatcard Challenge: produce a photograph interpreting one of three Frank Frazetta paintings. Winners announced!

The etiquette of bribery, from a guy who works in personal security. Some other interesting posts there; like corrections officer Rory Miller, whose book on violence I mentioned a while back, the blog's author works in the kind of job where confrontation is a regular occurrence. While he very often carries firearms on the job, he recommends some other items as being extraordinarily useful as defensive tools, most notably the ASP collapsible baton, which the author describes as being very useful when a threat may not be big enough to go to a gun, but is something you need more than bare hands for. Also, they're useful for travelers:

Traveling into unfriendly places that say no guns and have a couple of security "conscious" buddies going along or you just like packing spares of everything? Pack two or three of the 16 or 21 (ooor 26 inch) models together wrap them with rubber bands and pack them with the camera equipment and gosh darn it if they just don't look like a tripod.

Or so I've heard.
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I have five Dreamwidth invite codes! Comment below if you want one. Comments are screened and I have to go out shortly, so results probably won't go out until this afternoon.

ETA: All gone, all fum, no more! (As my father used to say.) PMs sent to those who got 'em. Sorry I ran out before getting all of you.

some stats

Apr. 20th, 2009 07:59 pm
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So I just checked the DW stats page, and wow:

* Female 3422 (87.1%)
* Male 414 (10.5%)
* Other 94 (2.4%)
* Unspecified 2546


I know that most of the folks on Dreamwidth are coming from LJ, and that LJ's a hugely female space, but *man alive* that's a gap!

(Admitted men! Each of us must now be more than eight times as manly as usual! For my part, I will talk about guns a lot and scratch myself.)

(Of course, women do that, too.)

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some stats

Apr. 20th, 2009 07:59 pm
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So I just checked the DW stats page, and wow:

* Female 3422 (87.1%)
* Male 414 (10.5%)
* Other 94 (2.4%)
* Unspecified 2546


I know that most of the folks on Dreamwidth are coming from LJ, and that LJ's a hugely female space, but *man alive* that's a gap!

(Admitted men! Each of us must now be more than eight times as manly as usual! For my part, I will talk about guns a lot and scratch myself.)

(Of course, women do that, too.)


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