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It was pointed out to me in comments that, what I had remembered as the most horrifying thing Piers Anthony had ever written was, in fact, totally not the most horrifying thing Piers Anthony had ever written.

If you want to see more information, go check the original post (or here, on Dreamwidth), to which I made an addendum. Jesus fucking Christ on a tequila bender.
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Some of you folks may recall that a while ago I mentioned that the curious thing about Piers Anthony, to me, is that while people often dump on Anthony for being weird, skeevy, disturbing, and that sort of thing, nobody doing so ever mentions the stuff that *I* find to be really disturbing. (And remember, when we say "Piers Anthony" we're talking about the guy who wrote protoplasmic sex scenes and a story with a dude boinking a mentally retarded woman who was hooked up to a milking machine.) This is odd as hell, because I remember glancing at the book when it first came out, doing a massive double-take on reading that passage, and thinking, "Holy dogshit, this'll get him run out of town on a rail." Curiously, that never happened.

I'm referring to TATHAM MOUND, in which Piers Anthony's hero boinks a ten-year-old girl, using honey for lube.

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Just an FYI: I'm going to discontinue the OH JOHN RINGO shirts at the end of the year. Folks buy one every now and then, but it's not making the Helen Bamber Society anything and it's costing me to keep the store running -- a few bucks a month, but still. So if you haven't got one and you want one, do get it now.
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What am I thankful for this year?

Like most people, I've had good patches and rough ones; I've been up and I've been down; I've had nice things and seen them snatched away by the vicissitudes of the universe. But there is one thing for which I'm unreservedly, unendingly grateful. And though I'm away from home and so don't have access to some of the pictures I'd like to add to this, I'll add them later and give you the news now.

A while back, I wrote a book review that struck a chord with some people. Some of you guys wanted T-shirts, and [ profile] vito_excalibur stepped up to the plate with a beautiful design. [ profile] angevin2 had mentioned an appropriate charity in the discussion following my post, and so the T-shirt charity drive was born. WAS IT EVER.

I've been remiss in part of my duty: I haven't publically updated everyone on the status of the drive yet. I almost did, after the initial donation, but then came home to find another check from Cafe Press had arrived. And thought, "Well, hell, let's just wait till the next milestone rolls around."

And it's here.

I can't figure out how to do records transparency on Cafe Press, so here's a screencap of their record of checks disbursed to me. As you can see, and as I expected, sales tapered off a lot after the initial interest. I donated the first two months as a lump sum, then figured I'd wait until closer to the next hundred-dollar mark to donate again -- easier on everyone involved, with international fees and whatnot. I just made that donation, the second to the Helen Bamber Foundation. I rounded each of my donations up to the nearest hundred dollars, just because round numbers are more fun.

As of today, the sale of "OH JOHN RINGO NO" t-shirts has raised seven hundred dollars for the Helen Bamber Foundation. The money is going/has gone directly to help support women who've come from terrible circumstances and are working their way toward a better life. All of it has been donated in the name of the late Captain Tamara Long, USAF (1979-2003); John Ringo and his readers know why.

It's a small sum in the scheme of things, but it's seven hundred dollars that wouldn't have been raised if it weren't for you guys. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been part of it. When I met John at Dragon*Con this year, we talked about women being forced into prostitution and about international sex trafficking -- it's a real problem that's really on the rise, not just something John pulled out of nowhere to provide Mike Harmon with a compliant harem. And thanks to John Ringo's kind endorsement and your generosity, the people helping women to recover from those horrors have a little more to fight with.

So this year, I'm thankful for John Ringo.

And for the good folks at the Helen Bamber Foundation.

And for each and every one of you.
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The OH JOHN RINGO NO shirts are arriving! [ profile] seperis posted a great picture of hers.

...I would not object to seeing many such pictures of people wearing the shirts! Just so y'all know.

I should mention again that the shirts are wonderfully designed by [ profile] vito_excalibur, and you may see them here! And, even better, buy them here.

Fans of John Ringo take note: he is currently running a redshirt contest. You, yes, you, *can earn a chance to be killed by John Ringo in an upcoming novel,* and if you email the address he provides with proof of your dedication to all things Ringo, a character with your name may well wind up splattered across page 98 of some future opus.

John Ringo very kindly points out that one way to prove your dedication to, or possibly abhorrence of, all things Ringo is to buy your very own OH JOHN RINGO NO T-shirt, to benefit the Helen Bamber Foundation. Thanks again, JR. (And thanks to all the Ringofen for being so nice about it.)
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That's right. They're here. GET 'EM NOW.

These shirts are absolutely dandy, folks. The artist/designer is the awesome [ profile] vito_excalibur, and when her email hit my inbox I went from zero to happy in about a tenth of a second. Look at this: )
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Apparently there is interest in an "OH JOHN RINGO NO" T-shirt. Okay, folks, I hear you. Ideally, if enough people want them, we can print up a bunch. I'd like to see about doing something charitable with this, if we do it -- maybe the Helen Bamber Foundation, which [ profile] angevin2 mentioned in the comments of the review post, as well as a veterans' charity (maybe John could suggest one he'd like), could benefit. If only a few people are interested in shirts, we could try a print-on-demand thing.

So, let's make it a community project. If you'd actually buy an OH JOHN RINGO NO T-shirt, post a comment to that effect. If you think you've got a good design for an OH JOHN RINGO NO T-shirt, post the image in comments below. I'll winnow down to the finalists, and we can have a poll. Sound OK?

UPDATE: It's official. The T-shirt project is now JOHN RINGO ENDORSED, and he's approved the Helen Bamber Foundation as the charity beneficiary for the T-shirt sales. (Yes, they'll probably be horrified, as they complain about Gitmo on their web page, but the Foundation helps a lot of women who've been forced into prostitution -- and I ask you, isn't that exactly what Mike does? his way.) No design entries so far, so I'm going to talk to some fanartists and get something nice drawn up. I'll send the word out when we're ready to go.

UPDATE AGAIN: Design work is in progress by a surprise artist! Will let you know when we're ready to go.

UPDATE YET AGAIN: Apologies for the delay -- two artists are sketching, and both have had lots of other things come up. Remarkably, people who have skills seem to be in demand.

UPDATE: THEY'RE HERE!!! You can now buy OH JOHN RINGO NO shirts, to benefit the Helen Bamber Foundation. Details here; shirts are here. Shirt design and artistry by [ profile] vito_excalibur, of story and song.
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So, this was on John Ringo's website this morning:

Ladies and gentlemen, the man himself.

No kidding: he really did.

Thanks for the kind words, John! For that matter, this seems as good a place as any to express my deep thanks to everyone who linked the post, and commented in it, as well as my thanks for the good sportsmanship of all Ringo fans, not-fans, and the sometime fans who are avoiding the PALADIN OF SHADOWS SERIES like the plague. (And an extra-special thanks to [ profile] brown_betty, who preread the review for me.) I, um. Yeah.

(Meanwhile, the phrase "OH JOHN RINGO NO" seems to have taken on a wider meaning, at least for the moment. Hey, John, it's *free publicity!*

...I really need an icon with the words "OH JOHN RINGO NO.")

(ETA: [ profile] vito_excalibur hooked me up. (See comments.))
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Lately, some folks on my f-list have been looking at Lord King Bad profic. [ profile] brown_betty gave us LEOPARD LORD, and [ profile] cereta reviewed THE SHEIK, and [ profile] burger_eater pointed me to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books's take on Shayla Black's DECADENT. These books, it should be admitted, are deeply awful, and as portrayals of their authors' ids, they're more than a little alarming. You don't want to look, but you can't look away. The awfulness becomes sublime.

So why am I commenting about this? Well, because I feel a little like Richard Dreyfuss in JAWS, during the scar scene: "I got that beat. I got that beat."

Permit me to introduce John Ringo.

Contains excerpts of fiction revolving heavily around 1) rape and 2) whores. If you're bothered by this kind of thing, YOU REALLY DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT THIS. Even though it's so bad it's funny. )


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