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Apparently IRON MAN movieverse is the hip new fandom. People are writing it like crazy. And a lot of it's quite good. Most of the stuff out there is Tony/Pepper of some variety, but there is variety: gen to romance, with even the non-romantic fic focusing on their relationship dynamic and, to some degree, UST, with banter a-plenty (see, for example, "Coming out of His Shell" by [ profile] confusedkayt or [ profile] seren_ccd's "Spicy"). There are some other nifty things out there as well; [ profile] left_arrow wrote me a quick Pepper-and-Alfred crossover with BATMAN BEGINS (yay!), and [ profile] bacchae23 wrote a flawed but earnest attempt at Yinsen fic.

And there are the things that just make me go "oh, fandom" in various tones. Such as the earnest, wishful request for "REALLY fluffy fics for a poor fan girl": "could someone do a Pepper/Tony fic that had them... have children? A little boy would be really cute..I just thought that Mr. Stark would be the best dad (Not including the whole drinking, womanizing thing)"

Well, yes, *not including that.*

(Seriously, people. Equal parts *facepalm* and *adorable.* I am half inclined to try writing it for her.)

But there are seriously good fics out there, so if you're looking for something new, check 'em out. Such as "Four Times Pepper Considered Quitting and the One Time She Did," by [ profile] seren_ccd. *points to fic* Yes, that.

(Don't forget: OH JOHN RINGO NO, the T-shirt, benefitting the Helen Bamber Foundation!)
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[ profile] dafnap linked "Proof," which is a really good IRON MAN movieverse fic. It got me thinking. The movie was a lot of fun, surprisingly modest in a lot of its aims, and did an excellent job of presenting the character and his world to the filmgoing audience. Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow did a wonderful job with a part that would be *really* easy to make come off as weak and fawning; instead, she comes off as gentle and a little vulnerable, which sometimes feels a little odd in a character who thrives in high-pressure environments but mostly makes her a good contrast to the hero and an essential part of his support system. (I kind of want her to meet up with Michael Caine's Alfred, so they can have tea and compare notes.)

Very minor spoiler. )
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The TELEGRAPH has a wonderful DOCTOR WHO holiday story by Paul Cornell, "The Hopes and Fears of All the Years." Well worth a read.

And [ profile] almightyhat wrote "A-Wassailing," four TRANSFORMERS (2007) Christmas vignettes that work very nicely.
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I post this rec pretty much every year, I think, or at least tip somebody to this story: if it's Christmastime, and you're a fan of the Batfamily, you owe it to yourself to pour a tall glass of eggnog and enjoy "The Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and his Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra; OR, A Story in which Dick and Babs are Doomed." There is an awful lot of fanfic fluff out there, but there isn't any as good as this one; it's my favorite Christmas fic and my favorite fluff fic in this fandom, because when it comes to sheer madcap insanity, this is the way to go.

[ profile] seriousfic recently posted "Cass's First Christmas, a story in a similar vein, which is also worth your time. If, you know, you are fond of goofy, fluffy Cass fic around Christmastime, which I totally am. (You might wish to *not* pour yourself a tall glass of eggnog while enjoying this story, however. YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM.)
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From [ profile] brown_betty: what five stories would you pick to introduce an outsider to your fandom?

This was an interesting question. I thought about it for a while, trying to figure out what criteria to use. I finally settled on three things: 1) they help you figure out what the world is like and/or 2) give you a good idea of who the characters are and how they relate to each other and/or 3) make you realize how rich the setting is and the kind of things that are possible. Also, they can't be too "inside baseball."

1. "Regions of Sorrow," by E. Kelly. This is an older story, from pre-LJ explosion. "Regions of Sorrow" was posted in 2001, and it's one of the stories I read when I was just getting into the fandom as a reader. It has stuck with me ever since, and remains one of the very best pieces of fanfic -- not just Batman fanfic, but fanfic, period -- that I've ever read. It's not so much a Batman story as it is a story about Batman's world, and what it's like to live in Gotham City as just another person. It's convincing and utterly terrifying; the horrors take place off-stage and are all the more effective for it, because that helps to drive home what it must be like to be in Gotham City, where horror lurks around every corner and you never know when the next upheaval is coming. I reread "Regions of Sorrow" every so often because it works every time -- you can know what's coming and still feel the chills, because -- with little fuss, fanfare or atmospherics -- it's a quietly excellent story. And that's its magic.

2. Another older story, one I remember from getting into the fandom: Lys's The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship. This is noteworthy because a lot of the fanfic I'd been reading was fairly hostile to Steph (again, this is five or so years ago, pre-LJ fandom explosion), and this rooftop meeting between Dick as Nightwing, and Steph as Spoiler, struck me for two reasons. First, because it was sympathetic Steph-perspective, which was unusual for the time... and second, because I really liked this Steph, a lot. It's a very good Steph introduction, I think, or it was for me, because this was the story that made me warm to her and think about writing her.

3. [ profile] thete1's "Flesh and Blood Like Anyone." Tim Drake stories drive a lot of this fandom, and this is not only possibly my favorite Tim story, but my favorite Te story ever. Te's one of my oldest friends in the fandom, but I'm not exactly her typical audience, because we like really, really different stuff. So when one of her stories hits my buttons, HARD, *look out.* This story is *extraordinarily* effective for me, and does a fabulous job of playing with the "multiple Robins" issue. Wonderful introduction to the multiple Robins, as well as being a terrific portrait of Tim. And understanding Tim will give you one character you have a handle on in the vast majority of fanfic, so it's easier to explore.

4. [ profile] brown_betty's Heart, Humble. Tim Drake at another point in his career: *after* his Dad finds out he's Robin, and trying to deal with it. The story is his father's, rather than Tim's, but I think that could help a reader who's new to the fandom -- Jack has just found out that he doesn't know his son all that well, and because the story is about Jack coming to know him it can easily help a reader to do that too. Between this and Te's story above, you've got a really good picture of Tim Drake, and because Tim is so versatile, and useful in so many kinds of stories -- honestly, about the only major character he doesn't give you an angle on is Commissioner Gordon, and there's next to no fanfic about Jim anyway -- Tim stories are your way into the fandom.

5. [ profile] astolat's "Reconcilable Differences," which is one of the best slash stories I've ever read. This is especially remarkable not only because I'm not a slasher, but because, although it interweaves with mainstream DC continuity, it's a SMALLVILLE fanfic. And I *loathe SMALLVILLE with every fiber of my being.* But [ profile] astolat's love for the characters and the dynamic is extraordinarily winning, and the story just flows beautifully. In fanfic, it's easy to fall into the trap of over-writing, of wallowing in stuff, and there's none of that here. The story is very long, but it's all meat, and it just flows beautifully. Also, it's very funny.
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I've been poking around in STAR WARS fanfic lately. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm all about the Original Trilogy, and being mainly a gen kind of guy, the gen stuff is mostly what I go for.

Here's a link to one of the best pieces of genfic I've read in *ages.* It's sweet, funny, touching, and delightful, and -- best of all -- it makes you feel for Darth Vader at the same time it keeps him absolutely convincing and terrifying. The story is ophelia's "The Sith Who Brought Life Day," and it's about an Imperial officer who, as a result of a drunken bet on a hand of sabacc, winds up in a precarious position: he has to give someone a Life Day gift. He gets to choose either the person, or the gift. The officer elects to choose the gift, on the grounds that he can pick something small and inoffensive and avoid getting into trouble.

That's when his buddy tells him he's shopping for Lord Vader.

I won't spoil it for you; just go read it.
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[ profile] johnxjohn may be going strong, but John Kerry fanfic is now officially bipartisan. (For an explanation, see this Mark Steyn op-ed.)

Not being a slasher, my preferred satirefic is the ongoing "In My World" series by Frank J. Frank's a conservative, but in his stories President Bush is a cheerful moron, Condi Rice is a supervillain-in-waiting, Karl Rove manifests from the shadows ala Emperor Palpatine, and Donald Rumsfeld's press conferences are even more... well, Rumsfeldian:
Rumsfeld smashed the reporter's head into the podium. "That's your head being smashed against wood," he said. Rumsfeld then slammed the reporter’s head through a window, breaking the glass. "And that's your head hitting against glass. Do you feel the difference?"

"Yes," the reporter said weakly.

"Let's continue to drive this point home," Rumsfeld said. He smacked the reporter into the brick wall. "That's your head against brick." He grabbed another reporter and slammed both their heads together. "That's skull against skull. Feel the difference?"

"I don't feel much of anything anymore."

Rumsfeld dropped his victim. "Then I think I'm finished making my point. See, while all those things seemed similar in that your head was getting smashed against something, they were different too. In the same way, Iraq is different than Vietnam, but it was an interesting analogy you tried to make. Any other questions?"

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I've been on the edges of Batfandom for a long time, but only started writing comparatively recently. I thought it might be worthwhile to rec a bunch of older fics.

Here you go... )
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A couple of days ago, I ran across a comment somebody made about lines in stories that stick with us, after we read them. That got me thinking. So here are a few recs of stories from various fandoms that have lines and other bits that've stuck with me over the years.

"Group," by Celli Lane. Good Ghod, this fanfic's six years old now. Buffyverse, set after the episode "Ted" (guest-starring the late John Ritter, as Joyce Summers's evil robot boyfriend): Buffy, assumed to have been traumatized after the whole Ted thing, is sentenced by Snyder to group therapy for abuse survivors. And runs smack into something she's not prepared for when another member of the group makes a suggestion. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's the line right after "She looks me full in the face for the first time, and for a minute she reminds me so strongly of Drusilla I can't breathe."

"Witching Anya," by Darrin "Admiral" Colbourne. Also Buffyverse, but a really different one. Brief synopsis: there's an alternate reality in which Willow went really, really bad, and conquered everything. And then got lonely. And discovered, via cross-universe scrying, the human Anya. And... well. Want. Take. Have. If you ever liked Xena conqueror fic, this one's for you. Some great imagery, with the room of Cordys being a personal fave, though "I wrote somethin' nice" is good too. Standout funny/creepy line: "I even killed every bunny in my reality, just to make sure you'd never have anything to be afraid of." But it's the images that make this one a keeper.

"Star Whores," by Jefferson Morris. Ultraviolent, pornographic, scatalogical, and funny as all hell. Does for the original Star Wars trilogy what Bored of the Rings did for Tolkien. Too many great lines to quote, but my favorite bit may be the strip poker game from part three. Lando has lost badly, which means he's going to get up close and personal with all the other players. Including Chewbacca.

Lando groaned. "Come on, Solo. Gimme a break. What about my little maneuver at the Battle of Tanaab? Isn't that worth a reprieve?"

"Have you forgotten about your 'little maneuver' at the Orgy of Mytus VII?"

Lando rolled his eyes. "That was a long time ago, I'm sure everybody's forgotten about that by now."

Fett piped up. "Mytus VII? There's no such planet."

Han stuck his finger into Lando's ass, loosening it up. "They changed the name to Mytus VIII after the Orgy. Too much bad press."

(I'm also fond of the Boba Fett/Darth Vader exchanges: "What if he doesn't survive?" "Then he'll be dead. And two plus two is four. Anything else need clearing up?" And one character's description of a delightful activity: "It's like rolling in an Endorian meadow at daybreak, except you don't have to keep stopping to shoot those little bear things.")

Edit: I just realized that the version I linked to may not be all Morris: the archived version I have ends with part V, so I don't know if Morris actually wrote the later chapters on the page linked or if somebody else used his name.

Curious to see what sticks: I remember Celli's line because it's really dramatically effective; Admiral's images, because they're so vivid; and a lot of Morris's bits because they're fall-down funny.
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Unfinished stories. The bane of many a fanfic reader. You read, you love it -- and then you're cut off midstream. In a word, arg.

So I'm going to share the pain, and recommend some to you.

"Seeing the Sights," by Brian Doyle. Batman/Vertigo crossover. A horror/detective story, Batman versus the Corinthian. It's been a while since I've read this, but I still remember bits of it. There's a lot of good stuff here -- Doyle writes a very good Batman, and his Gordon and Robin are excellent, too. He's still updating, just veeeerrrry slooowly.

"In Brightest Day," by Kerithwyn Jade. Five words: Barbara Gordon as Green Lantern. One more: *Dude.* I love this story for the concept alone. Three parts, and I want more.

"The Substitute," by Anna. Harry Potter/The Crocodile Hunter crossover. Stop looking at me like that. Hagrid gets married, and decides to go back to just being gamekeeper. Leaving Hogwarts in need of a new Care of Magical Creatures professor, and well... DumbledorehiresSteveIrwin. The scariest part: he fits in. Really well. Yeah, it's just schtick, but it's really funny schtick, at least until the author kind of runs out of ideas around part five and starts writing a different story altogether. Actually, I don't mind that this one's unfinished. It gave me some laughs; that's good enough.

Fic rec

May. 4th, 2004 04:29 pm
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[ profile] nos4a2no9 has a new story up: Canary Air, a work-in-progress with one part left to go. Black Canary in Thailand, Oracle in her ear. NC-17 for a couple of extremely naughty bits. Well worth your time.


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