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Before I read Fantagraphics's POPEYE reprints, I honestly had forgotten everything about Wimpy except that he loved hamburgers. Maybe that's all I'd known: like most people in my age bracket, I only knew Popeye and his friends from animation. But then the Fantagraphics books came out, and I got them, and I dang near had a heart attack. Because they're *brilliant.* Funny, sad, touching, thoughtful, satirical, surprisingly adult. Popeye became an incredible favorite of children, as writer/artist E.C. Segar acknowledges in the strip by portraying children as Popeye's friends, but he wasn't a safe friend -- he was a rough sailor who loved shooting craps and getting into fights, who made money hand over fist and then spent it all just as quickly, who had a terrible weakness for women, particularly "brunecks;" who would show the kids a good time by buying them more candy, ice cream and hot dogs than they could eat, causing every child in town to have an epic bellyache. Popeye was fun because he was rough-and-tumble, a little bit dangerous. He would never make it onto today's comic pages. Never.

Case in point: Wimpy.

Wimpy loves hamburgers, right? He has that catchphrase: "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." The reason he's always saying that is that Wimpy is stone broke. He is utterly overextended financially; the guy's credit is in the absolute toilet, and he's always seeking to borrow more. He's Segar's Mr. Micawber, but while Micawber is always sure something will turn up, Wimpy is forlorn and adrift in the world. And if you take pity on him, try to help him out or make things better for him in some way, Wimpy will turn right around and take advantage of your good-naturedness. Because that's his nature. And yet, he's got a tenderness and vulnerability to him: Wimpy is a sponger, but he's also a sad clown. So his repeatedly-burned friends can't help but love him. He is a sad, lonely character, in part because he deserves to be.

I love Wimpy. Here are two Sunday strips featuring him. Click on 'em to see larger.

Wimpy gets a gift, and sleeps over. )
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Um.  Wow.

Popeye the Sailor: Seafarer. Prizefighter. Exhibitionist.

(Also, you should all go buy Fantagraphics' POPEYE collections right now. GLORIOUS.)
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The goons at Something Awful had a Photoshop contest. The source material? Watchmen.

It's bad and awful, but this one made me laugh until I nearly cried:
really not work-safe )
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A couple of notes on "Fathers and Daughters:" there is not nearly enough Jim Gordon fanfic out there. I've posted my thoughts before on why that is; but I don't think the restrictions that Jim's lack of membership in the inner circle of the Family make him less interesting, or any less a good focus for a story. One of the ways I come up with fanfic stories is to look at various characters and ask myself what they have in common, or what they'd like to, or what they'd hate to. Figure out how to use those issues in a dramatic situation, and you've got a story. In this case, it's Batgirls' paternal relationships; the Jim-Babs bond is one of the great strengths of the Batbooks, while the relationship of David and Cassandra Cain is abusive, horrifying, and quite rightly beyond repair. Even though Cain really appears to love his daughter, in a very, very twisted way, and some very few of her memories of him are good -- as Babs correctly notes, there's a point at which none of that matters any more, and Cain passed that point long before he used Cass to commit a murder. But those feelings can still inform the characters' emotions.

I used one of Cass's canonical good memories (from Batgirl #22) in the story.

Here it is. )
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Also reading Batgirl back issues, and found an amusing Babs/Bruce exchange relevant to the below discussion.

Why Bruce likes Cass: )
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So a while back some folks (yours truly included) were talking about Cassandra "Batgirl" Cain, and her relationship with Batman.

(For those not up on their Batfolks: she's the illiterate offspring of a ruthless assassin who taught her how to kill but not to speak; he's a billionaire philanthropist and businessman who prowls the rooftops because his parents were murdered by a mugger. Together, they fight crime.)

And it just gets more weird. )
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A gorgeous nude Catwoman by Paul Gulacy. From Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #13, December 1990. (I remember first reading the issue and thinking, "My God, they *got away* with that?")

The icon is from the same issue, BTW.

Yowza. )
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Who wants a 4-page preview of Harley and Ivy #2?

You do. )
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Question about the art in Robin #125:

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