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I watched SUPERNATURAL last night, and I just have to ask: that was a new episode, right? I mean, I dunno about you guys, but I think I saw that Sam-and-Dean conversation where Dean is prickly but eventually admits he is scared about the bad mojo he's under and the brothers bond in the moment of newfound vulnerability ONLY ABOUT SIXTEEN TIMES this season. Really, I think they peaked with that angle a while ago; you'd think the writers would've figured out the next stage in their main characters' relationship dynamic by now.

I know there are lots of folks who *love* the show's emoporn moments, but one of the reasons I liked SUPERNATURAL when I first came to it was that they avoided so much of that annoying stuff and just got down to the business of investigating weird things and beating the daylights out of monsters. Maybe it's helped that they've had only two main characters, and relatively few recurring ones; they couldn't get bogged down in subplots the way some shows with ever-growing casts have (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, I look over my shoulder in your direction -- YOU DID ME WRONG, SHOW). Yeah, it's hard as hell on the two leads, because they're in every damn scene (I read an interview with Jensen Ackles where he described his reaction to a Matthew Fox interview about Fox's shooting schedule on LOST, which Fox said was great -- he got paid well, worked two or three days a week, and spent a lot of time on the beach in Hawaii; Ackles, who works 34-hour days in Vancouver, plunged into the depths of misery for the rest of the week), but it makes for a much better show dynamic. Because they pretty much have to keep moving. Which means it's kind of glaring when they don't.
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On this day in 1836, Samuel Colt was issued the first patent for his revolving pistol.

Way to go, Sam!

I have a Colt revolver -- not one of the really old ones; they go for five figures, these days, but an Army Special. It was my first gun, and it's not a bad gun to learn shooting with. I need to get more revolvers. Also, more semi-autos. Also, more rifles -- LOOK I CAN QUIT ANY TIME OKAY.
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So, I was thinking about SUPERNATURAL earlier, and I was wondering: when the guys are carrying their handguns, do they use holsters? I think Dean just tucks his piece inside his waistband. My guess is Sam does the same.

This occurred to me because, like most gun geeks with a carry permit, I am amassing a box o'holsters. Some of 'em work. Most of 'em don't, or not well enough for your purposes, or they're just not comfortable for you, or something like that. I just found myself quietly chuckling over the guys trying different holsters, and Dean mocking Sam for using the goofy-looking (but remarkably effective and comfortable) Thunderwear. ("Sam, you got a J-frame Smith & Wesson over your crotch, or are you just happy to see me?")

For the record, I use a BladeTech inside-the-pants Kydex holster for my Glock. Not as comfortable as leather, but there's no break-in, it's great on draw and replacement, and the hold is very secure.
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Gun-geekery and SUPERNATURAL collide, as one of my favorite gun-nut sites, The Box o’ Truth, takes a look at rock salt loads. Sam and Dean use them against demons a lot, and on one memorable occasion, Dean shoots Sam in the chest with a load of rock salt at very close range (with a line to the effect that it won’t kill him, but it’ll hurt like hell).

I’ve always been curious about rock salt loads. They’re a staple of movies and TV, with cantankerous old folks peppering rowdy teenagers and the like. Children of the eighties will recall Tanya Roberts, in A View to a Kill, providing Roger Moore’s James Bond with a shotgun that he uses to shoot a bad guy to no effect. (MOORE. “What’s this loaded with?” ROBERTS. “Rock salt.” MOORE. “Now you tell me!”) But when it comes to guns, I am, like Robert Ruark’s Old Man, a damned old maid, and the idea of home-brewed “less than lethal” ammo makes me a little queasy. It seems to me to make the idea of pointing a gun at somebody else into a casual affair, which it isn’t and shouldn’t ever be. Plus, accidents happen, and shells can get mixed up, and… yeah. But it’s a great idea for ghost-fighting.

You can always count on TBOT’s Old_Painless for an interesting range report, and I recommend his post to fanfic writers looking for a little color to throw into SPN stories. He explains how to make rock salt loads, what effect they have, and how to clean the gun after use. (Salt can corrode the weapon. You don’t want that.)

You’ll note that Old_Painless says that after the shooting was done, he and his friend Tman “broke out the Tampax.” Tampax? Yes. As Old_Painless reminds us, feminine products are terrific for cleaning 12-gauge shotguns.

(That’d be a cute bit to throw into an SPN fic, actually. You could go a couple of ways with it: Dean buying tampons in bulk, and Sam squirming with embarrassment at the counter as the cute shopgirl rings Dean up, or looks at him in extreme punishment. Or the guys have an enforced stay at the Roadhouse, and Dean is made extremely uncomfortable by feminine products, until Ellen shows him how useful they are for cleaning shotguns.)
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Um, still very busy. In case you were wondering.

Up to episode 4 of SUPERNATURAL's second season. Like the show with growing fondness, and enjoy the widening of the world. I have the following substantive comment regarding the Roadhouse: Jo is too skinny, and Ellen is hot like woah.
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...still no time to comment on SUPERNATURAL. Just, y'know, "They say Samuel Colt made a gun." YES. YES, HE DID.

(Do you guys see the effect you're having on the depth of my online commentary? Really. I blame you all.)

If the show ever throws me a John Moses Browning reference, I will not be responsible for the consequences. I'm just sayin'.
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Finished the first season of SUPERNATURAL. Comments to come when I have time. I enjoy the show a lot; it's definitely got hiccups, but it's got some very good stuff too. There's no CW affiliate in my neck of the woods, so I'll see the show on a catch-as-catch can basis.

Those of you who pimped it to me will be amused to know that you've gotten two people's attention so far. Lent the DVD set to my buddy Matt, who mainlined season one in about three days. The following conversation ensued.

MATT. I finished the first season of SUPERNATURAL.
HINES. *nods in acknowledgment*
MATT. …got any of the second season?
HINES. It isn’t on DVD yet. Just premiered.
MATT. …downloaded any from iTunes?
HINES. It isn’t on iTunes.
MATT. …downloaded any torrents?
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So far, I like the show, but it's giving me cause to realize that my reactions to certain elements may be a little... atypical.

SAM. "When I was nine, I told Dad that I was afraid of the monster under my bed. He gave me a forty-five!"
HINES. “That’s terrible! …a .45 has way too much kick for a nine-year-old.”


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