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The news has broken that TORCHWOOD is coming to American TV, with Russell T. Davies very actively involved. There's been some fannish concern and speculation about this, much of it in a "what the heck is going on here?" vein. Admittedly, RTD has a lot more time on his hands now that he's not showrunning DOCTOR WHO, but why is he doing this particular thing?

Russell T. Davies is a propagandist. )
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[ profile] neonhummingbird had this to say about the first season of TORCHWOOD, which she liked better than I did:

Everyone behaves stupidly on a regular basis except Jack, who behaves stupidly by continuing to allow stupid people to work for him.

That sums up my feelings about TORCHWOOD in a nutshell.

I like watching shows about people who are good at their jobs. This is not that show. )
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TORCHWOOD officially has the worst vetting procedures of any organization ever. EVER. I mean, Jack Harkness has a killer grin and great style, but my God is he shit for personnel.

Best episode so far is "Countrycide," which is full of good atmospheric stuff until the end, when it turns just overly gruesome and stupid. I like overly gruesome on occasion, but it felt too heavy-handed here. And the firearms stuff -- don't get me started. Apparently, a shotgun to the abdomen at ten feet will give you a light wound that's easily survivable and with which you can walk around with some discomfort, but a .38 Enfield No. 2, Mark I to the leg will drop heavily-armed people instantly and incapacitate them without giving them a chance to fire. [EDITED TO ADD: My bad! there's a very good chance that Jack's revolver is a .455 Webley Mark VI. The Enfield No. 2 was a clone of the Webley, which was the previous British Army sidearm, and was adopted in 1932, but lots of Webleys were still around. I figured that since Jack joined up late, he'd've gotten the Enfield, but that's not necessarily the case.] (To be fair, Jack did use the shotgun, too, but when he switched there was no change in performance. My favorite bit in the final battle: Jack starts off with a pump-action shotgun, fires it empty, then goes to his revolver, finishes the battle -- and the last shot is a spent shotgun shell hitting the floor, in slow motion, after being ejected. Took a long time to drop, did it?)

"Greeks Bearing Gifts" gets points for evil sexy lesbian action, but loses them for pretty much everything else. I don't know what kind of security clearance Toshi has, but whatever it is, it's far too high. Getting drunk in a bar and spilling your secrets to a suspiciously knowledgeable stranger -- I'm sorry, it doesn't make you look sympathetic; it makes you look bloody stupid. And, OK, she *was* really hot, but still. If the future of humanity is in hands like that, we're screwed.

Biggest problem TORCHWOOD supporting cast has to overcome is their reluctance to kill people when their lives are threatened. Maybe this is a British thing, or just a TV thing, wherein our heroes must not kill humans unless absolutely necessary -- but it's odd to see such prudishness in a show that flaunts it pretty much every other way.
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(Catching up on everything, slowly.)

A few thoughts, so far:

1. The guy playing Ianto gave an absolutely fantastic performance in "Cyberwoman." Too bad the script sucked, and too bad Ianto's scripted actions in the episode were so throughly stupid that it wrecked the character's credibility for *all time.* You don't just have a hard time believing he stays on the show after this; you have a hard time believing the other characters don't take him out and put a bullet in his head. Literally.

2. many people is Gwen going to snog over the course of the season, anyway? DAMN, girl.

3. Jack's pistol instruction leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. Gwen's grip is lousy, and so is his (though you could make a case for him having learned in 1941); he starts off getting her to shoot one-handed and straight-armed, which isn't what you'd do in combat conditions; muzzle discipline is downright petrifying; and he manages to make it through the entire sequence without once mentioning the words "front sight."


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